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Kngledowe for eryveone
A pvoren fcat a porevn act
Aocatelld iintuionn
A sruegd of klenowdge
:icongrandmazterxeng:GrandMazterXeng 1 0
You are a MONSTER
You are a monster you keep on scaring me
Surprising me with things you do 
If My heart is weak i will be staying in the ER for awhile
because every time I think of you
my heart jumps up and down.....
:icongrandmazterxeng:GrandMazterXeng 0 0
(RAnd0m ThouGHts)
Ceaseless and Aimless 

Absorbing all Negativity 

Corroding Positivity

Overflowing Self-affirmation

Plundering Ego

Afflictions on thy Soul

Aggravating Bodily act 

Coercion of the Mind
:icongrandmazterxeng:GrandMazterXeng 1 0
:icongrandmazterxeng:GrandMazterXeng 1 1
everything is blank
dark and gray   
living like a ghost
i have a soul 
but i don't have a life  
my heart is stoned
my mind is frozened
:icongrandmazterxeng:GrandMazterXeng 0 0
 This is not a word for the wourld
A wourld that doesn’t believe in word
A being of different form
A being with advanced comprehension
A wourld that don’t want to admit change
A change that is foreseeable for the wourld
A delectable word that screams with sense
A being that want to educate the wourld
:icongrandmazterxeng:GrandMazterXeng 0 0
If I can take back every wourd that I told you
I should never speak of your previous heartache

If I can transform you
I will make you the most wisestWoohooooo! 
:icongrandmazterxeng:GrandMazterXeng 0 0
It’s always cloudy on my mind and the only light I see is you my sky that is full of stars that shines only for me,
For I'm just a sand that's lying on the ground and stick to anyone that's come in contact with,
for I was looking for the wind that will take me anywhere and be my inspiration that will make me move even if I was beaten many times or a source of power that keep me moving when I'm feeling down you should be the one that will fulfill my dream,
Because a dream is just a dream if you don't put some action in to it and I want someone to share it with me or believe on it.
For I am a hopeless romantic and I believe on fateful encounter I know that I'm just thinking childish but my heart always want someone to be with,
it’s not curiosity it’s just what my heart wants but my mind  is always in a dazed that my life as a sand i
:icongrandmazterxeng:GrandMazterXeng 0 0
A simple prose for simple rose
a simple man with a simple thought
with a simple wish and a simple care
for all I know the world is great and people live for each others felt
the world that is big is a world that is great with a word like love flow to everyone      
the buds that represent her kindness the leaves that reaches for all who needs and her stem that stay firm in the midst of strong winds tell us that she's stay strong in any problem she may encounter
a prose that is meant for a flower that never forgets to surprise everyone
a heart felt beauty that always leave a mark to anyone                                         for a rose that grows only for me one touch and my life is in bloom.......... 
:icongrandmazterxeng:GrandMazterXeng 0 0
DarknessWithin by GrandMazterXeng DarknessWithin :icongrandmazterxeng:GrandMazterXeng 0 0
Test ME
The way it used to be.
                                There's a guy that didn't know
what to do in his life, because he has no job, he did not finish a vocational course
because he is so lazy and he can't find a job because he's so lazy to do it.
                                At his age he should have a
good paying job and a good girlfriend who can support him to everything he do,
but no he rely on others to feed him, he did not have a sense of
responsibility, he's afraid to try new things that can change his life. He is
addicted to MMORPG which is not a good thing because the money he uses is the money
that should be use in their house to buy food and other things
:icongrandmazterxeng:GrandMazterXeng 0 0


The Non-Existent One
She lays her steps in unknown places,
Wondering without a hint of my soul,
Crossing a world of many faces,
But not my own with no control.
One whispers to thee silently,
Pitch black empty are my screams,
Why can't you listen or just see?
Appear at once from my dreams.
One can imagine thy nature of beauty,
That you embellish upon our ground,
Will you come and forfeit your duty,
So my eyes will eternally be astound.
Where are you hiding my dearest dear?
I cannot find or am I blind?
On my cheeks there is a tear,
Waiting for life ways to unwind.
Not a single sign or voice to hear,
Crushing a creation of blind past,
They come and go and disappear,
I need you now or I shall blast.
Imagining what you pretend to be,
Everlast mistakes of a prejudice man,
A sincere fruit of a poisonous tree,
An amazing half should now began.
My mind describing thou body and soul,
Feeling guilty to not perfect,
Not to tell you as a whole,
Undeserveable would self-reject.
Asking questions to s
:iconaleksandarjo:AleksandarJo 1 0
Chill by GUWEIZ Chill :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 5,520 52
Gotta learn to dive
My pride
Has stopped me
Before I even could try
Gotta learn to
Dive headfirst
Into things I’ve never done
Even if I fail
That just gives me a
Reason to stand again
:iconevenchaos146:Evenchaos146 4 3
Corporate Samurai by Artgerm Corporate Samurai :iconartgerm:Artgerm 2,024 181 Samurai House by b4silio Samurai House :iconb4silio:b4silio 250 15 Samurai by Zsu Samurai :iconzsu:Zsu 135 6 samurai design by samurai30 samurai design :iconsamurai30:samurai30 112 9
A Wish Upon The Same Star
One of these days I’ll go east
I swear one day, we will meet
There may be a thousand miles between
But in those miles are roads and streets
We’ll heal our scars
We’ll watch the stars
They once seemed far
But we have trains, and planes and cars

Things have changed
Ever since we exchanged strains
His soul filled with pain
Hers with days under the rain

Surely one day we’ll prevail
These seas are rough, but our ships still sail
We’ll circumnavigate the globe till we fail
From wear and tear, so many gallons bailed

We have dreams to connect
:iconunknowngoalkeeper:UnknownGoalkeeper 8 5
Love is up
Love is down
Love is going through
When you want to go round
"Love is never having to say you're sorry"
But you say it anyway
Love is all those secret smiles
When there's nothing more to say
Love is having scars on your feet
From wearing the shoes they bought you
Love is listening to 'I love you's
And knowing every word is true
Love is writing silly poems
Exactly like this
And love is not actually knowing
Exactly what love is
:iconlove-that-kid:love-that-kid 315 43
there are galaxies in your eyes
There's a universe
inside of you-
it's been there quite a while,
and I only hope
you see the constellations
that scintillate in your smile
and I've heard
there's billions of galaxies
scattered in the sky,
but I swear
at least half of them
are resting in your eyes.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 272 85
Tokyo Ghoul OP - ''unravel'' English Lyrics
Oh won't you tell me
Won't you tell me
This thing I've come to be?
The monster that you see
Is it a part of me?
I'm breaking down and shaking 'round in
This world so helplessly
But you just laugh and grin
Completely blind within
There's no point now, broken anyway
I try to stop my breath
Even knowing the truth won't unravel
Me until my death
So breakable, unbreakable
I'm shaking but unshakable
The real you I've found at last
I'm standing alone in this world that keeps on changing
But hiding away, my true self is fading!
I hope you give up
There's nothing left to see...
No, don't look at me
I'm standing in this world that someone imagined
I never want to hurt you, so until the end
I'm begging you, please, just to remember me...
As clear as I used to be
The loneliness that wraps around keeps deepening until I drown
Fond memories we used to share pierce me 'til I no longer care
I cannot run, I cannot hide, I cannot think,
:iconcowfeenmoosic:cowfeenmoosic 1,401 128
sablon by styvop sablon :iconstyvop:styvop 38 3 Stephen Hawking by CosmosKitty Stephen Hawking :iconcosmoskitty:CosmosKitty 111 11 Fire and Ice by Masteroflemon Fire and Ice :iconmasteroflemon:Masteroflemon 50 5
Writing without passion
Unsure what to type,
I write words aimlessly,
Unable to write without heart,
My mind attempts to fill in the gap,
What should I do now?
Should I just continue to type like this?
Is there something deeper in my mind?
Am I writing with my soul?
I don't know.
It's been a few days since I last wrote a poem.
This is all I have.
Is there more to writing when you write without passion?
Is there anyone who can answer my questions?
Am I all alone?
I don't know.
I type this poem without passion.
Does that mean this poem is worthless?
I type this poem while living with my parents.
Does that mean I'm not lonely?
I keep saying I don't know.
Why don't I know?
Is there passion in writing without passion?
Can I really fake it till I make it?
I don't know.
:iconssserenity:Ssserenity 7 2
The 'A' Word.
I am an addict.
My name is: ________.
Hello, ________.
My story is:
I'm in pain.
I've loved,
I've lost,
I'm normal,
But for one:
I am an addict,
Not to anything.
I am an addict,
Of everything.
I am longing.
I am sad.
I'm an addict to,
What is to be feared.
And what is wrong.
Don't be afraid,
I'm not contagious.
I'm just an addict.
I can't bring myself
Out of its grip:
:iconinterruptedgirl42:interruptedgirl42 4 3



Kngledowe for eryveone

A pvoren fcat a porevn act

Aocatelld iintuionn

A sruegd of klenowdge
You are a monster you keep on scaring me

Surprising me with things you do 

If My heart is weak i will be staying in the ER for awhile

because every time I think of you

my heart jumps up and down.....



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

        Amazed in awe that's how I feel when I saw her with a smile, and totally melt my heart..
I cant even say a word..I've been looking for Her and Hoping I can tell her whats on my mind..
But I'm frozen,cant even look at Her eyes which is the best part of Her for Me.....
I feel like a shirt folded and hung and cant do anything...


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Clear minded with a disgraceful attitude


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