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WHEW. :B I said I'd put a tutorial up and I figured I'd start with one of the basics: icing!

This is a super easy technique to use to create realistic icing for all of your miniature polymer clay treats. I didn't mention this in the tutorial, but this icing will not dry out if you leave it sitting around. It hardens only when you bake it, though if you add food coloring I would suggest you put a layer of shrink wrap over the top or use a sealable container, since in my experience it does weird things to the color if you expose it to too much air.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Or if you'd like to see more tutorials, I'd be happy to help you out.


ps if you love me you'll check out my website and etsy :la:

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I just started out with food miniatures and I find mixing the TLS with scraped-soft pastels works quite nicely. Just pointing it out - but mixing the clay in with the TLS looks thicker and makes (obviously, thicker) icings look more realistic :D
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great frosting <3
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Hey GrandmaThunderpants! I was wondering, would one have to use the liquid clay as the icing making agent? Or would it be possible to use another substance of sorts? Or should I just do some experimenting, which is probably the best way to learn other than from the pro's?
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I've only ever used liquid sculpey for icing, in my experience it just looks the best. I've heard of people mixing water with clay or something with flour and oil (I honestly don't remember that one well) but that seems like a lot of mess and a waste of time when the TLS does the job so well. :la: If you use a 40% any item coupon at Michael's it's not that expensive. :)
omg thankyou so much iloveyouplz
sorry emoticon didnt work :(
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Could you use the glass glaze instead? Just asking because I need to make a red velvet cake for my cousin's birthday, but the local Micheal's just ran out of the translucent clay
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Do you mean gloss glaze? No... TLS and gloss glaze are completely different things. O:
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So, let's say I mixed the gloss glaze with polymer clay like in the rice crispy treat tutorial to attempt making it look like icing, how would that then out? I'm sorry for asking too many questions ^^; I'm just worried
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You shouldn't treat gloss glaze like it's clay, it's meant to only go on a finished, already baked item. Certain glazes are actually flammable as well so it's a baaaad idea to get into the habit of putting glaze on unbaked clay. And in the rice krispie tutorial, I use translucent liquid sculpey the whole time, except at the end where it's fully baked. Only then did I glaze it. O:
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Okay, thank you so much!
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Great tutorial :) Thanks!
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So this stuff can be stored, right? could get little apothecary jars to keep it in or something (especially if you're not using food coloring)
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Yep! You can store it in glass containers safely. :)
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Sweet. Is it fairly easy to like..wash out of those containers?
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Yeah, just use warm water and soap, and it cleans out very nicely. It might leave a tad bit of fogginess to the glass, but not much, so you can barely notice it! c:
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Super nice tips!!!!
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I love your tutorials. I've learned so much and I hope I can do some stuff on my own now.
I'm making a cream puff and I'm wondering, (1) just how think is this? I'm needing to make whipped cream, but I'm not sure if this will come out looking like I want it too. (2) Should I bake my two bread pieces before I put the cream on or not?
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You can also use Alex Plus silicone that you can find at Wal Mart or a Hardware store. It is really use to clog cracks but lots of people use it as icing after baking since it has the creamy icing texture.Make sure you buy it in white though. And you will also have to buy an icing tip to make different shapes with it.
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Thank you!

Do you mean thick? You can increase thickness by adding more clay, and decrease thickness by adding more TLS. And that's up to you when you want to bake your pieces. It's safe to rebake clay as long as you keep an eye on it and keep it at the right temperature. :)
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