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Ailith Greer Fang
Name: Ailith Greer Fang
Sex: female
Species: tiger child clone of Sonya fang and Krystal yaglovich
Age: 17
Height: 7 ft 10
Weight: 255
Physique: well tone muscular build
Appearance: gray thick soft tiger fur, one green and one blue irises a natural wild beauty mid back length braided ponytail small clean body with no scars.
Personality: a bit distant, mature, protective to her sister strong willed natural mentor/leader.
Hobbies: hunting/fishing fighting practicing stealth on strangers.
Outfit: bear fur cloaked hood made from her mother. Long sleeve jumpsuit repainted to match the forest
Strengths/abilities: super hand strength immune to diseases potions and poisons carries a small amount of bloodfang form.
Weaknesses: can die can get hurt can feel fatigue can resurrect but takes one decade.
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Crystania yaglovich
Name: crystania yaglovich
Sex: female
Species: fox child Clone of Krystal yaglovich and Sonya fang.
Age: 17
Height: 8 ft 2
Height: (second form) 10 ft 2
Weight: 255
Weight: (second form) 1k lbs
Physique: slim toned body
Physique: (second form) well toned massive muscular build
Appearance: (normal) bright blue medium length fur with green eyes tear shaped irises a wild youthful beauty with partial scars from training with her mentor/step father short dark blue hair with thick bangs that are parted to the side straightened on the back and a dark blue bushy tail.
Appearance: (second form) long lower back length strainted hair that flows out covering her back like a cloak, bright reddish yellow irises with two vertical tear irises in each eye, short slightly twisted horns on the top of her head. Thick black scales on her arms hands abdomen and legs
Tattoos: (normal) tattoo of her sister on her left arm and her mother on the right. Along with a forearm sleeve of her name in cursive.
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Kyoko Amaterasu
Name: Kyoko Amaterasu
Sex: female
Age: 22(physically)
Species: Greatwolf(Lykosian Elf while in her disguised form)
Class: Great White Wolf
Birthday: November 8th, 0097 AE
Birthplace: White Wolf Ruins, Lykos Island
Zodiac sign: Lupus
Appearance: lower back-length voluminous straight high ponytail snow white hair, sky blue wolf irises, pointed white wolf ears, creamy white skin, white wolf tail, and a mature beauty
Height: 168 cm(5 feet 6 inches)
Weight: 68.039 kg(150 pounds)
Physique: voluptuous, slender
Personality: mature, headstrong, relentless, honest, gentle, and strong-willed
Outfit: black maid's jacket, white parlor blouse, black maid's skirt, thigh-high white and black maid's socks, and knee-high cuffed black boots
Hobbies: training, reading, dancing, singing, swimming, and defending Lykos Island from invaders and monsters
Weapon: White Wolfstone(a magical blueish white stone that allows her to transform into her true form a giant white wolf and contains the crux of her power al
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Kugeki Teni
Name: Kūgeki Teni
Sex: female
Species: void spirit connection of Acalia Drake
Age: 250 years after death of Acalia Drake
Height: 5 ft 11
Weight: 230
Physique: well toned body. 6 pack abs apprentice body builder look.
Appearance: thick black fluffy soft fur red slit irises long twirling horns ears are angled Her torso has tattoos of dragons and wolves her hair is lower back length with red highlights and yellow tips and red bangs that hide her eyes. She has scars on her chest arms and thighs.
Personality: slightly insane level headed mild tempered kind of mannered. Tom boyish
Hobbies: rapping dancing singing fighting playing guitar playing with her two ravens.
Outfit: black long sleeve jacket black and red sports bra under the jacket. Black knee length kilt and fore leg length black boots.
Strengths/abilities: super strong immune to all known diseases potions and poisons is able to conjure and control shadows to her will able to break her own falls and Acalias falls
Weapons: wavy S
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Icarus Godfrey
Name: Icarus Godfrey
Sex: female
Species: Lordrian Elf
Birthday: September 1st, 1197 AE
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Age: 16(physically)
Birthplace: Heaven's Tower, Lordria
Appearance(power restrained form): shoulder-length voluminous black hair, eyes of an unknown color, snowy white skin, pointed ears, a silver and black tattoo of crossed winged swords on the middle of her back that she has had since birth, and a mysterious beauty
Appearance(power unleashed form): lower back-length wavy voluminous silver hair that covers her left eye, red energy eyes, snowy white skin, a silver and black tattoo of crossed winged swords on the middle of her back, pointed ears, and a mature beauty
Height(power restrained form): 154.94 cm(5 feet 1 inches)
Weight(power restrained form): 56.699 kg(125 pounds)
Physique(power restrained form): curvaceous, slender
Height(power unleashed form): 289.56 cm(9 feet 6 inches)
Weight(power unleashed form): 226.796 kg(500 pounds)
Physique(power unleashed fo
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Acalia Drake
Name: Acalia Drake
Sex: Female
Species: Direwolf
Age: 18 (physical) 350 (actual)
Height: 7ft 5
Height: (void) 8ft 7
Weight: 250
Physique: very slim
Appearance: (normal) bright gray thick fluffy fur blue eyes long back length hair with bangs lightly covering her eyes, white thick stripe running down her spine. Black rune markings across her body. Her tail is a wolfs tail fluffy with black stripes and tip.
Appearance: (void) shadows molding under her skin, her fur changes to black staying thick. Her eyes go complete black with just her blue irises. Her white stripe turns red and she grows small curved horns.
Appearance: (frozen Forest) glowing blue eyes, small flames licking on her fur, her back stripe glows
Appearance: (fusion form) black hair with red stripe down middle that pretends to connect her back stripe. Her muscles are gradually increased in Mass giving her a high body builder tone her fur is half black and half white same with her eyes the black fur side her eye is red and the
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Kayde fang. Skyrim by ghostmember7777 Kayde fang. Skyrim :iconghostmember7777:ghostmember7777 2 0
Celina bloodfang
Name: Celina bloodfang
Age: 40 (real) 20 (physical)
Gender: female
Species: human/tiger
Relationship: married to Krystalina.
Occupation: bail bondsman/bounty Hunter/ volunteer cop
Appearance: white pale skin with a cherry red thin medium length mohawk two gray tiger ears red slit irises a wild youthful beauty a long gray tail with black stripes, tattooed full circumference stripes on her arms and curved fangs that show with or without a smile. Scar that drags horizontally a few inches under her eyes and over her nose. Her hands show what seem to be bits of iron stuck in them but are actually her hand bones becoming iron. Same with her feet a well toned body
Appearance: (bloodfang rage form) fire like flowing red aura her fangs grow out into a smaller grade sabertooth fangs her irises break releasing the red across her eyes with just the slit irises that are now dark blue. Her claws appear to be ironed and her hands made to a paw that can become a fist. Massive amount of muscle growth a
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Lionelia Morganelia Belfry
Name: Lionelia Morganelia Belfry
Sex: female
Species: Leostarian Elf
Age: 19(physically)
Height: 150 cm(4 feet 11.055 inches)
Weight: 161.025 kg(355 pounds)
Physique: voluptuous, muscular
Appearance: lower back-length voluminous straight light auburn hair, rose pink irises, a golden tattoo of a lion on her left bicep and on her left breast, pointed ears, creamy white skin, and a youthful beauty
Outfit: rose pink and light blue tied on swimsuit bra, rose pink miniskirt, thigh-high toeless light blue socks, and mid calf cuffed rose pink and white boots
Personality: carefree, outroverted, playful, mature, diligent, kind-hearted, and polite
Hobbies: dancing, singing, napping, weightlifting/powerlifting, relaxing at bathhouses, listening to music, modeling, and writing in her diary
Birthday: April 21st, 0897 AE
Birthplace: Leostar
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Strengths: superhuman physical strength, speed, stamina, hearing, and sight, ages slower than humans, her muscles develop larger and stro
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Krystalina bloodvixen
Name: krystalina bloodvixen
Age: 30(real) 21 (physical)
Gender: female
Relationship: married
Species: human kitsune
Mentor: Krystal yaglovich
Appearance: light natural tan skin, waist length dark blue hair, bright blue fox ears, green round irises, a wild beauty bushy fox tail small fangs and small claws.
Clothes: sleeveless half cut shirt, short shorts with net leggings and black ankle length boots.
Personality: happy encouraging gentle loyal loving, motherly, polite,
Likes: hunting cooking, running at her high speeds.
Arc: a blue electrical energy found within lightning on unopia the energy cells are still unknown.
Weapons: twin arc created electric energy windmill shurikens chained by electric strands in her arms strands can carry large distances. Her Shurikens are known to be able to cut through the strongest of earth medals. Arc created katana blade of electric energy.
Powers: Sonic speeds when running. Advanced healing (bloodfang healing)
Strengths: above average human str
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Adolphine chann
Name: Adolphine Chann
Age: (physical) 18 (actual) 56
Gender: female
Species: Human Okami/ berserker with symbiote (wolf version of neko)
Appearance: mid back length black hair with bangs that lightly cover her eyes, blue round irises
A smooth tan skin fluffy brown timber wolf ears. Fluffy wolf tail Pure white small fangs that show even when she doesn't smile and has a toned body and a wild beauty.
Appearance: *berserker form* ankle length straight hair, red irises, massive muscle build, paw hands with large claws, wolf legs and feet.
Clothes: symbiote made undershirt, black collar that's secretly her shock collar, blue lensed control visor made to look like sunglasses. (Acts as a suppressant.) Forearm length t shirt of Alaskan timber wolves. Baggy knee length shorts and running shoes.
Clothes: *berserk form* symbiote jumpsuit, shock collar,
Personality: (normal) kind, gentle, caring, well mannered, polite, wild,
Personality: (berserk) unhinged, animalistic, insentient. Uncontrollable
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Jeannes story planet reach
   Reaching the orbit of planet Reach, Jeanne thought it looked nice it's color pattern gritty but soft in areas. “That's where Miranda lived for a few years” Isaac explains. “She had to come from somewhere.” Jeanne says mocking her own biology. She goes to the airlock and opens it going in. “Jeanne wait!” Isaac says. “You coming or what? Our mission is to scout out reach.” “So your just gonna jump?” Asked Isaac “yes” and with that
She closes it when Isaac gets in she puts on her helmet and opens the outer lock. Her suit had thrusters to push her towards the planet until the gravity catches them and pulls them in. “You are nuts” says isaac “I like nuts” he also says.
   Isaacs wings spread out and glide him down, while Jeanne flips using her feet thrusters to slow her descent enough to land on her feet. She lands in a position to where her suit shock supporter's were in f
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Mature content
Chikara Vallentine :iconsamuelteague:SamuelTeague 3 0
Lizzy salamaz by ghostmember7777 Lizzy salamaz :iconghostmember7777:ghostmember7777 1 0
X fang *teenage Sonya fang*
Name: x fang
Real name: Sonya fang.
Age: 16
Gender: female
Species: gray tiger.
Family: fang (currently) bloodfang (real)
Appearance: thick gray fur body, dark green eyes, blood red black and deep blue Mohawk, black stripes that run sideways down her back. Bite scar on back. Hands are shown to be made of some sort of iron along with ankles and feet showing the same
Sonya: (bloodfang form) red aura flowing like fire over her body. Her hands become paws with iron claws same with her feet.
Clothes: ripped up t shirt of a sabertooth skull. Baggy ripped jeans and boots bandage wrappings on hands to forearms concealing her iron hands
Personality: cautious, short tempered, ruthless rebellious, child like, sarcastic, positive.
Personality: (bloodfang form) ruthless, determined, animalistic,
Height: 7ft 5 250 lbs
Weapons: iron fist and feet.
Powers: bloodfang form. High healing
Strengths: immune to Earth's diseases and illnesses. High healing.
Weaknesses: can die, (for now) can get hurt, can fe
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Universe story: jeannes beginning
  Planet pagos a secret best kept from oni. The planet had old abandoned cities vast mountainous landscapes but the true action is below ground. This is where one Spartans story begins as far away a great leader dies. Commander Miranda Keyes death was reported and in the process Jeanne keys was being made. As far as Jeanne knew she's been born normally and was later augmented to be a Spartan. However that wasn't the case. Her entire birth to present day had been simulated. Everything in the simulation was made to feel completely real. Once Jeanne was fully done she was activated, all cables connecting to the tank were disconnected until the water drained then the airtube was disconnected. She steps out of the tank as it opened up. Scientists gathered around her checking for imperfections “how do you feel Spartan?” Asked a female scientist. “What's the mission ma’am” Jeanne said. “We will get to that in due time. How do you feel Spartan?” A
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i think if everyone in nc takes a fan and points it at hurricane florence we can blow it back into the ocean and be okay.


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