It's wet!
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Apart from the fact that it's hammering it down outside, my PC has been on the blink, to the pint where it wouldn't boot up.
Formatted, still had issues. Got a new mainboard. Still have issues. Switched HDD's. Stil have issues!! AAAaaarg!!

I won't be uploading pics for a little bit, as I need to catch up on the books I'm colouring, and these issues have put me behind. :(
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thierryclan14Professional Digital Artist
Hv you change the graphic card? usually that the main culprit for blinky node of comp.
That too bad, and suck at the time. We as digital artist can't live without our PC, and in my case, Wacom also.
Good luck with all, and hope you can post your artworks here soon
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Zunii-HProfessional Digital Artist
You should try threatening to cut the PC power cord, or slap it around a little. You gotta let it know who's in charge!
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GrandMaster-J5Professional Digital Artist
That's the problem though.
Bloody thing knows that it is fully in charge, and that it has me by the short and curlies!
Damn machine!! :D
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Zunii-HProfessional Digital Artist