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Sooo, a quick image of my workspace.
This is where my butt can normally be found for silly amounts of hours at a time.

The odd looking glove is for... is for professional reasons.
Not some weird kinky stuff... Professional!
Got it!? Good!

The Glove is a recent purchase. It's been pretty hot a sticky here lately, and there's nothing worse than trying to do a nice smooth curve, and then a bit of 'stickiness' right in the middle that adds a wobble to your line :D
I know, gross right. Pretty funky though. I'd been meaning to get one for ages

I also have quite a few Mickey and Co's dotted around the place, keeping me motivated/sane/company/up to date with highly intellectual conversation.

p.s. The image on screen is fully rigged and layered character art for a game called Bounty Stars ;)
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LovinSpoonfulsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I laughed so hard reading your description, oh my gosh!

And it's completely my fault that my brain immediately "went" there after you said:

"The odd looking glove is for... is for professional reasons."

That hesitation helping it along. I am so sorry.

Anyways, I'm so glad you cleared things up, though. :huggle: Nice work space and the glove is positively lovely! 😉

I love the little guy on the screen too. 💕 The details in the jacket are amazing!
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GrandMaster-J5Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, I've already had some weird comments about the glove from my friends on facebook :D

In addition to 1x weird look from the postman while wearing it.
I mean a REALLY overly weird look.
If it was the ONLY thing I was wearing at the time then fair enough, but it wasn't so.. :P

And thank you! I might post up some of those character images soon as the game is already out :)
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LovinSpoonfulsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I bet your friends were very supportive and understanding with this glove of yours, am I right? ;) 

The postman was probably thinking: "Hm.. where could I get such a smexy and fabulous lookin' glove like that?" So, it wasn't a weird look, hon, trust me. I'm pretty sure it was a look of pure want, with a splash of envy. :love: 

You're so welcome! :heart: 

Well, I'll be waiting with hopeful eyes until you do post! :nod: Promise. ;P
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GrandMaster-J5Professional Digital Artist
My friends thoughts were along the lines of your initial ones :D

as convincing a job you did there, I wish I could believe you on the postman thing. But his face...
His face said otherwise
It was more like "Okay, I need him to sign for this package, but I really don't want him to touch my pen with that hand" :/
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LovinSpoonfulsHobbyist Traditional Artist

Well, I did try, I truly, truly did. ;) So much for a hopeful outcome of this piece. ;P

I mean, are you sure it wasn't something like this ---> Them eyebrows when he saw it? Looks can be quite hard to determine sometimes. :giggle: