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Halo - Death of a Spartan

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It's a deep title I know, and there is no "Death" in it as such, but the pose is to show Master Chief in a moment of deep thought, maybe reflecting on things he's seen and done up to this point.
He's seen, and caused a lot of death. Friend and foe.
This is to capture a moment in time, between missions, where Master Chief has down time and begins to think.

As soon as any soldier starts to think about things like that, bit by bit, they aren't the same soldier they were before. So.... Death of a Spartan....Kinda :P

Deep eh? :D

I might come back to it one day when I find more talent (better rain, metal, armour damage etc) :D

Thanks to all that have been watching the updates on the WIP shots, and for your kind comments :)
(ps. As usual, you can just hit download to see the full size and detail. It's a biggy :D)

Also, my Line concept for this is here And my colour concept is here

Thanks for looking :)


Master Chief character is pwned by Bungie :D

EDIT:- It's not about a spartan being dead, so no more "spartans can't be listed as dead etc etc. Please read the text and look at the picture before just commenting on the title. Ta muchly! :P

Other "close ups" pics are :-
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This shot goes well with the title of it, "Death of a Spartan" because it captures the sadness and grim timing with the rain and darkness around his face, along with his face looking down at said body.

I really like the way the artist has captured all the emotions possible with not much at all on the screen. I personally recon hes done a good job rendering it and payed attention to detail at the highest point.

From the shine on his tinted visor to the water droplets on his helmet/suit its all captured very well.

I say very well done, 10/10.
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GrandMaster-J5Professional Digital Artist
Thanks again, for taking the time out to write this critique :)
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No problems.
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Mizuki-ChamaStudent Digital Artist
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SephraamHobbyist General Artist
Very Cool! Nice work
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Great work man, can I use yourimage as the cover of a story I'm doing please?
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I love the rain drops.
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DausenMoore-Art Digital Artist
Love it!
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moonshadow909Professional General Artist
Spartens never die. They're just missing in action...
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fraterchaosHobbyist Digital Artist
nicely done :)
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SeeraphineHobbyist General Artist
That is absolutely beautiful.
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GrandMaster-J5Professional Digital Artist
:blush: :D Thank you very much :)
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I really like this piece. I aspire to be able to create an image like this eventually.
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GrandMaster-J5Professional Digital Artist
Well, it takes alot of sitting around on your bum. As long as you can deal with that part of it, I'm sure you'll be fine in the future :D
And thank you. Glad you like it :)
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There were many moments in his life when he would rather have died than lived without his comrades.

First time came when he lost his best friend Sam stayed behind to destroy a Covenant ship when the war began.

When Reach fell, he saw James get blasted off into space, watched Linda collapse under plasma fire, and witnessed the destruction of his spiritual home with his Spartans still on the surface. That was the second time he would rather be dead than live without them.

He loses a part of himself with every Spartan death, and many have fallen. Duty and the next mission are the only two things that keep him going.
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photonphysicistHobbyist Photographer
Of all the Halo/Master Chief art I've seen, this is definitely in the top 2%!
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GrandMaster-J5Professional Digital Artist
Wow! Thank you :)
I'm glad you like it!
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VickyepicwinHobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool
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wow great job! i like the way the water is kind of hanging around the edge of the helmet
well done;)
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GrandMaster-J5Professional Digital Artist
Thank you
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Love the deatails like the rain, the reflections and the texture on the neck.
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GrandMaster-J5Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much :)
Glad you like it!
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mandospartangirl117Hobbyist General Artist
so awesome!
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Hey dude loves all you images espically the one of raiden. He was allways one of my fav characters.

Anyway i was thinking of creating a poster using two of your images would that be ok. Dont worry i will make sure to credit you. But dont worry if you dont want me to thats ok after all they are your images
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