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15 YEARS!?!

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15 YEARS!?! WTF!?!
So, as of the start of this year it's been 15 years since I worked in the model unit on this thing. I've been back to the studios 3 times in the past year and a half and I still don't get tired of seeing it.

The first time seeing the model again after all that time was a strangely emotional moment, what with the plinky plonky music and mood lighting when you walk through the doors.
The effort, hours, blood, skin, sweat... was all pretty epic at the time, but I didn't realise how much of an impact the whole thing made on me until seeing it again.
We spent pretty much 6 months making it all.

It was like being reunited with an old friend that you know every detail about, inside and out. There's literally bits of me stuck to that thing :D :D
There were other things I worked on individually too, not to mention making every single one of the original chocolate frog boxes in the first film... but working on Hogwarts was the pinnacle of it all.

Being around the sets from start to finish and being part of it all was incredible.

I won't say it was life changing as I'm still pretty much how I have always been, but it did help towards shaping who I am today and was totally a part of my life I will never forget. :)
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CB-BlackwellHobbyist General Artist
Whoa! :O This was the ACTUAL model used in the Sorcerer's Stone??
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GrandMaster-J5Professional Digital Artist
Yup, sure is.
This is the latest version of it though. It changed several times throughout the films.
I only worked on the first build, but that was probably the best one to work on ;)

The current version is on display at the Warner Studios tour in Leavesden
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CB-BlackwellHobbyist General Artist
Whoa, awesome! :clap: 
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LovinSpoonfulsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my wow. :faint:

You live such a fascinating life, my dear. :heart: To be a part of a project that is loved by so many... you are most fortunate! I know you said it wasn't anything too life changing, but think of all the things you end up taking with you, simply from the experience. :nod: I shouldn't, but I envy you just a little bit. ;P I'll be honest. :blush:

Such a lucky fella, for sure. :heart:
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GrandMaster-J5Professional Digital Artist
Not sooo interesting a life, trust me :D
But yes, I've been extremely lucky enough to have worked on some amazing things that I never thought I would ever be part of. Even now I'm still like... Wha!? :D
I don't think I'll ever lose that feeling, as it's kind of who I am. Well... I HOPE I don't. :D

When I say it wasn't life changing, it was more about my personality than anything. :)

The follow up to it all changed quite a lot though, along with the help of my first illustration studio job.

I used to be extremely shy around people, and would take me a while to open up my personality.
But by then I'd worked on quite a few big projects (well, HUGE milestone type things really. Some REALLY well known licenses that I'd always dreamed of working on and that everyone knows) sooo my friends would tell their Uni friends, who whenever I met them first time as total strangers, seemed to know all about me (which was weird as..) and were desperate to hear about things, to the point where I had no choice but to talk :D

Once I get going though, I'm quite a good talker :) and can kind of hold an audience and get my passion across if it's a subject I enjoy :D
It probably helps that I talk with my hands a lot too. (not in a flappy way... just...expressive :D)
Last time, I was totally shocked, as I'd realised I'd been talking to complete strangers (a friends colleagues) for around an hour and a half with people just listening intently about my stuff as they asked a few questions here and there in-between.
It felt like a student lecture... only in a pub XD

So weird!! :D

Totally over that shyness now with meeting and talking to people. I love it and it's actually difficult to shut me up :D
So in some ways I guess it was indirectly life changing ;)

As for envy....I'm sure you wouldn't envy all the crap that's gone on along the way with some of the work situations too :P
There's been some REAL stinkers! :D

That's for another part of the life story XD
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Agent505Professional Writer
I can hear the theme song in the background as I look at this model. 
You are one lucky fellow - that castle is the inspiration for many fantasy authors like myself.  Incredible work.
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GrandMaster-J5Professional Digital Artist
Thank you. :)
I've seen it three times since, and each time it gives me chills. So weird as the only thing that gave me chills while working on it, was the temperature. It was freeeeezing in that hanger :D
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Agent505Professional Writer
Still.  Don't stop with just Hogwarts.  The next big project starts tomorrow :)
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GuardianDragon1Professional Digital Artist
Dude, you worked on the Hogwarts model unit? That is SO cool! Color me impressed.
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GrandMaster-J5Professional Digital Artist
Yup, I did. There's a couple of pics earlier in my gallery of bits they gave the cast and crew too :)
A funky pocket watch, and a Model Unit jacket

Along with cast and crew premier tickets at the Odeon London, but they went missing a while back :(
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