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Macabre and horror-themed works!
Create, discuss, love, evolve. Join us to build a place for alternative art!

There is no "quality control" here. Artists of all skill levels are welcome. ^w^


-Absolutely NO bullying, harassment, sexism, racism, homophobia, or other douchebaggery.
Don't be rude to the admins. Don't throw other club members under the bus if your submission gets denied.
You can be nice or you can be banned.

-Submissions must have some sort of dark, creepy, or macabre theme.
Black & white doesn't necessarily equate to spooky, so things like photographs of ordinary people/scenes/objects with a black & white filter on it aren't likely to get approved.
We are unfortunately not accepting urbex photos at this time either for similar reasons.

-Click this link for rules regarding mature content

-Make sure the art is your own!
This means no tracing, no borrowing, no screenshots.
No stealing should go without saying too, but yeah, no stolen art. Don't be a scumbag.

-Please try to submit to the correct folders.
Sometimes I will move them to an appropriate folder myself if they're submitted to one they don't quite fit in, but if too many are being submitted to the wrong folders, I may start declining them.

-Please have patience after submitting art.
Don't repeatedly resubmit the same pieces because a few days may have passed. This just makes sorting through the submission queue a lot more tedious.
Most of the time I'm good about checking in at least once a day, but sometimes I have other priorities.
If your submission expires "naturally", then it's OK to resubmit the same piece. I don't plan on that occurring often, but hey, stuff happens, you know?
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Into Hell's Mouth We March by JamesEvansArt
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83 by denni00
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Little Nightmares: The Driver by MaestroMorte
-Ghosts and Shadows-
The Interdimensional Nightmare by JPHBFolk
-The Grim Reaper-
-Literature and Poetry-
The plungeAn empty lot. Surrounded by dusty chain-link fencing, bent by neglect. The kind of place where kids would sneak to drink cheap liquor in the back of a pickup truckand set off fireworks, illegal but not quite dangerous. Abandoned, but not forgotten.Our house is going to be built here one day. Beyond the chains, surrounded by identical roofs, garage doors, dormer windows and Rottweilers. This will be our neighborhood. Our community. The barely remembered playground of former teenagers, the graveyard of dimpled beer cans and half-consumed french-fries. Home. Someday.We pull up in our silver four-door, a few yards outside the gap in the leaning fence. A few strains and a hop, and we’re through. The grit stings and claws at the imagination. That picture is stained with an orange haze, wind-streaked and dust-addled like the plastic sheeting covering the wood beams. Walk around and see what it will become. A dream of green and yellow and blue. Water will find the place where it is wanted. New life will fill the wasteland. But dust will creep back in, muddy the image, settle and give form to the mirage. This place, it belongs to the sand. It can only be painted, never wiped clean.I make my way back to the car, through the cracking walls of this future paradise. Lungs itching in irritation, I need to breathe something real again.Approaching the window of the front seat, I reach my hand into my pocket, grappling for the keys that mean my escape. Fingers meet metal. Twirled around my index finger, the keys follow my hand’s movement. But they catch on the stitching of my jeans. I lose my hold. They fall.Footsteps and a shadow. A black sedan with opaque windows. Who is this voiceless stranger with stone behind his eyes? Why does he not speak? I look up.The lack of recognition sounds discord in my throat. Foreign. Out of place. My tongue swells, sensing the peril my mind is not aware of. It sits oddly in my mouth, too dry.He stands arms length from me. His face carries no intent, his eyes betray no connection, no love, no hate. Cold hardness presses against the curve of my belly.I look into his eyes in wonder, fear only threatening to form in the back of my mind. A distant bang, a pressure. The tiny piece of honed metal already buried in the depths of my flesh before questions form.Pain does not register.This is not how it is supposed to go. I should know you, faceless man. It should hurt. I should feel. Betrayal. Completion. Something. There is no flash of memory. No dawning of enlightenment. I should wonder, but the blackness creeps too quickly. My gut is wrenched so subtly I cannot scream. Thoughts fade, cease to form, never were. Nothing remains. There is only the plunge.
-Lovecraftian Horrors-
Hastur the King in Yellow by Dermura
-Misc. Creatures-
82 by denni00
-Misc. Humanoids-
Spring / color by malamila
-Movie Monsters and TV Terrors-
King Kong 1933 by CursedAtlas
-Photography and Photomanipulation-
Obsidian Moon by Eithnne
-Slasher and Killer OC's-
Let me know you... by aaawhyme
-Spooky Scary Skeletons-
Sad Skeleton by KwypArte
-Surreal Horror-
Don't Follow by JamesEvansArt
-Twisted Fandoms-
Winnie the Pooh by JamesJLaingDevArt
-Unnerving Ungulates-
horror by Mirzaeva
Vampire by Lyena98
-Werewolves and Hellhounds-
Devils whisper by Caninedoctor
Sucy by EricMHE
-Zombies and Ghouls-

Mature Content

Enfant de l atome by latard
A Chill In The Air Project
EARL by twistedmentality
The Four Horsemen Contest
Ov Judgment DCLXVI by VisceralAsphyxiation
The Death Of Eden by MarquisAmon
Welp, I'm calling it.
Looks like @alienorb wins by default for being the only entry! Huzzah! lol
I'm going to go ahead and move your entry to the Featured folder, then delete the contest folder, because it seems kind of silly to keep an entire folder around with just one picture in it, you know?
Maybe in the future, as club membership grows, we can try again with the same theme or a different theme.
Anyway, as promised, @CapnDeek373 and I owe you a journal shout-out, and additionally, I owe you a drawing! DM me with what you'd like to see me do. :)
Do I still say congratulations? Is that weird, or...? Bah, I'll say it anyway.
Congratulations! And thank you so much for your submission. I appreciate it! ^w^
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