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Some of Erwin Rommel's Uniforms

General Erwin Rommel, a respected general by both sides who led the Afrikakorps and the defense of the Atlantic Wall. He was rumored to be involved with the July 20, 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler and save Germany so the Nazis gave Rommel two choices: either commit suicide and receive a full military honors funeral and a covered up death, or face public trial and possibly have his family abused by the government. Rommel chose the suicide option and so went the most famous commander of the German military. 

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:bulletred: This deviation is part of a series covering the Third Reich in a historical, educational, and virtual museum sense. As painful as it is to see some of these images, seeing them is the greatest possible way to avoid the mistakes of the past from being repeated. If you have any questions regarding the depiction or history about them in any form, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for viewing!
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Grand-Lobster-King  how do you create these uniform cards?Do you use digital software?
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Gimp 2, and experience.
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Why does Rommel never have a peaked cap that matches that of his uniform he wore in the Afrika Korps?
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If he wanted one he could have ordered one but that costs money so he might have thought "ehh..." :)
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Question: Are you sure his eyes were brown? I really don't know but I'm under the impression they were dark blue.

Also, will we see a scarf version? :D
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slknwuifuwf ENOUGH UPDATES! *Jumps out window*

Based on the 3R figure he had brown hair and eyes.
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What's the Third Reich figure?
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forgot his desert goggles, the pockets of the 2nd has a different board on the photo, missing the AFRIKA KORPS cuffband, after 1942 his visor cap was all-gold, his eyes were dark blue, the general open-collar insignia look like my stuff (need credits(or not!)) 
wasn't he dark blonde ?
the shirt of the 2nd was gray, not brown.
need to update again, huh ?
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I was too tired after the other stuff to do the goggles, I will still add them later. I know shoulders need update. He didn't wear the Afrikakorps cufftitles in the photos, except on the greatcoat. No post 1942 insignia here. Everything here is 100% mine. Shirt color constantly changes in photographs because the photos are colorized black and white ones. We may never know what color his shirt was.
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Apparently Rommel was overhyped by the British to make their failure to deal with him look less bad, hence the legend of Rommel was born.
I really like this. Even though I'm not a big fan of German uniforms.
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Very very very good job !!! :D:D:D..... I really admire Rommel.

but I have to mention a small irregularity ;P

The collar patches correspond to a general and not to a Field Marshal assuming that this should be a version before 1941 because of the insignia has a small extension of the so-called "Larisch" embroidery.…
Grand-Lobster-King's avatar……

Insignia was different after 1941, field marshal shoulders went to full gold instead of silver and gold, tabs got a third arabesque thing, and the wreath and eagle went gold. The Rommels above are supposed to be before the change. The ones above that are full gold need to be changed...and I need to add his goggles. :)

Also thanks!
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well that's right.... my fault ;P

sorry for the late answer:D
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This is gorgeous!
DAK-Rommel's avatar
Where are his Glorious Goggles!?
Grand-Lobster-King's avatar
Ahhhhhhh!!! I knew you would question it. *Sigh* The rest of this stuff took so long I got tired and left them out. The baton pissed me off. ;)

Give me some time to recharge and I will add the goggles.
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Nah man I'm just messing with you. I really appreciate you're taking the time with this anyway. I'm just being a dick for the lulz xD
Grand-Lobster-King's avatar
Okay. :) I made a whole new head for Rommel and the time it was time for the goggles I was so done... :D
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