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Welcome BACK to the Jungle! by antcow
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  In DK Circus, how do we know that Mario was the one making Donkey Kong do it. He could have just been part of the audience, and he laughed because he thought it was part of the show.  Just because he was the only one there doesn't mean he wasn't the audience, there have been times when I was the only one in a movie theater and DK Circus is not canon and was at first a mickey mouse game.  The truth is, we don’t know which one he was, so we can’t just assume that he was the one making DK do it.  Mario locked up DK because DK had stolen his best friend.  It’s like if the police arrest someone for kidnapping someone else, and does it make the police bad, no it doesn't.  Then if the guy’s son came and tried to free him, the police would try to shoot the son to stop him from freeing the kidnapper, and does it make the police bad, no it doesn't.  Well same for Mario.  And it doesn’t matter that DK and DK junior are apes, since it’s pretty clear in the later games that they are as smart as people, since they can do stuff like race in karts.  I think it’s pretty clear that Mario is dating Peach, but it never says he’s dating Daisy and that was Luigi saying oh daisy.  Just because he saves her in Super Mario Land, doesn’t mean that he’s dating her.  I know hearts appeared over her head, but even if she has a crush on him doesn’t mean that he returns the feelings, since we never see Mario kiss her or show any sign that he’s dating her.  I also think Mario broke up with Pauline before the events of Super Mario Bros.  I know he is seen with her in Mario vs. Donkey Kong, but they could be just friends Nintendo even said they were just friends.  I know he invited her to the opening of his toy factory and not peach, but he probably can’t just invite Peach to go do something any time he wants to, because she has a kingdom to run.  Also, Mario doesn’t punch Yoshi, he point’s to Yoshi, that’s obvious if you freeze the clip and the fact that his hand goes in frint of Yoshi eye and Yoshi can telaprot in super mario galaxy 2.  Yoshi probably flinches because he is preparing to stick out his long tongue.  If you don't believe me, I took a screenshot from Super Mario World of Mario pointing to Yoshi.  Here is a link to the… Mario dropping Yoshi into a pit is the players fault.  They player just makes him do that.  It’s possible to complete the entire game without doing that at all but you would have to be very good at it.  Whenever I play, I never jump off Yoshi and make him fall down.  They either both die, or none of them die.  I know there is a mission in Super Mario Sunshine where you leave Yoshi on a merry-go-round, but that doesn’t mean Yoshi will die, he can just get of any time he wants.  Mario kills Goombas, Koopas, Cheep-Cheeps, Wigglers, Magikoopas, etc. because they kill him and other people, that’s called self defense, and yes they try to kill him.  They kill him, if he even touches them.  Don’t forget that they also try to kill Luigi, not just Mario.  I know wigglers look cute and innocent, but you can never judge someone by their look.  If they weren’t evil, why was everyone so afraid of the one in Super Mario Sunshine, and why did Bowser give the Wiggler a power star to protect in Super Mario 64.  Not to mention all the enemies Just listed work for Bowser, so that alone makes them evil.  Mario also doesn’t torture them to death, it’s instant, so I don’t know how they got the idea that he tortures them to death. I mean by that stupid logic, Mario, Link, Sonic, Kirby, and Captain Olimar the main character's from the tale's series' the main character's from the final fantasy series samus arron and Sora from kingdom hearts are all Mass Murderers because they kill the things that try to kill them as a form of self defense.  Mario breaking blocks in Super Mario Bros is the player’s fault and the fact that if their are toads in the block's them and any living thing comes out 100% a live and the stuff after that is up to the person playing the game, the player makes him do that, it’s possible to complete the entire game without doing that once.  If your small Mario, you can’t even break blocks.  I know in later games, you have to break blocks in order to clear the game, but it never say those blocks are toads, it just says there toads in the original game, so they are probably just regular blocks, not really toads, because we have no proof that they’re toads, we can’t just assume they’re toads.  Mario killing the baby penguin in Super Mario 64 is the players fault, you can clear the entire game without doing that once.  What really happens is Mario saves the baby penguin by bringing her back to her mother, because she couldn't survive on her own.  Mario also probably saved the mother penguin from falling into a deep depression, because she probably would have fallen into a deep depression if her child had died.  So I don’t know how the Fuck Theorists don’t realize that killing the baby penguin is the player’s fault.  I’m going to explain why Mario isn't mean to Luigi.  In New Super Mario Bros Wii, Luigi closed the door to the balloon, so Mario and Peach probably took that as a sign that they could leave, as any normal person would, but apparently, the fuck theorists aren't reasonable.  I’ll admit that Mario should have thanked Luigi in Mario is Missing, but hey, no one’s perfect, everyone will have done at least one bad thing in their life, because no one is perfect.  and that the thing in Mario Power Tennis was typical sibling rivalry,   I also know plenty of People that would do that to their younger siblings.  That was also not Luigi’s moment of fame, like didn't he have the Luigi’s Mansion games and New Super Luigi U, and what about when he wins a trophy in the Mario Kart Games, the Mario Golf games, the Smash Bros games, and the other Mario tennis games.  Also, if Mario really hated Luigi, why did he save Luigi 4 times in Super Mario Galaxy suve him and team up with him in super paper mario let him saved a kingdom in pttyd and team up and help one and  other in just all most all of the games to the point where Mario Luigi and Peach are the main charters of the series  , and didn't he complete an entire world to save him in super Mario 3D Land, also, in Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, when Luigi wasn't allowed in Star Shrine, did Mario go in without him, no he didn't, he helped luigi get in.  So Mario does stick up for Luigi, so I think it's obvious Mario loves Luigi.  So there you have it, Mario isn't evil. 

and now for Bowser Bowser is not only the king of evil but he is also the king of the demon's in the japan version.   and Bowser only care's about himself he is willing to kill just to stay as the big evil of the series


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