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Mature content
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Ranek's Reserves
Ranek Icewalker was originally from the Fungus Dominion and was born with horns, dignifying him as a Healer. However, he was banished after doing an unspeakable crime, and now lives with his familiar, Villrein, a caribou, in the mountains that surrounds the dominions' territories. He comes down from the mountains sometimes and pawns off his findings to the cats in exchange for pelts and various other items. He knows how to get his payment, too, and ruthlessly threatens the Dominion's young if he doesn't get what he wants. 
    Pelts can be earned by completing a special assignment, which will be named here! Your cat will receive that item and can use it or store it or gift it to someone after they have received it.
The Old Tom glowers in your direction, gnashing his teeth as you approach.
"Here are my wares, Whelp. Make it quick"
He hisses, moving aside to reveal his wares.
Bindweed [1 pelt]
Borage Leaves [1 pelt]
Broom Plant [1 pelt]
Burnet [1
:icongrampydurendin:GrampyDurendin 0 0
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Sacrifice for a New Dawn :icongrampydurendin:GrampyDurendin 1 0
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A Happy Family, right? :icongrampydurendin:GrampyDurendin 1 0
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Humble Beginnings :icongrampydurendin:GrampyDurendin 1 0
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Rose of the Imperium Chapter 5 :icongrampydurendin:GrampyDurendin 0 0
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OXXN Chronicles - Chapter 1 - Corruption :icongrampydurendin:GrampyDurendin 0 0


Futaba Sakura (Alternative) by TheMaestroNoob Futaba Sakura (Alternative) :iconthemaestronoob:TheMaestroNoob 211 3 Futaba Sakura by TheMaestroNoob Futaba Sakura :iconthemaestronoob:TheMaestroNoob 260 3 Imperial Fist (Special) by TheMaestroNoob Imperial Fist (Special) :iconthemaestronoob:TheMaestroNoob 549 14 COMM - Skadi Jorviksdottir by InsanityBiscuit COMM - Skadi Jorviksdottir :iconinsanitybiscuit:InsanityBiscuit 4 1 Romance at it's finest by InsanityBiscuit Romance at it's finest :iconinsanitybiscuit:InsanityBiscuit 3 9 The thieves by Kate-FoX The thieves :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 11,599 244 Until the Night Turns by InsanityBiscuit Until the Night Turns :iconinsanitybiscuit:InsanityBiscuit 3 0 Call Off Your Dogs by InsanityBiscuit Call Off Your Dogs :iconinsanitybiscuit:InsanityBiscuit 5 12
In My Arms Is Where You Ought To Be
Mornings were always slow for Hyrrokkin, even as a blacksmith in the Dam tribe. She liked her peace and quiet, it was something that was well known among others, so with her easy to irritate mood in the morning, she was more often than not left alone unless there was an emergency. She had to appreciate that in all honesty. It gave her proper time to wake and even more to sit down with a book nestled down in her makeshift nest in her bedroll.
Of course, as of recent, her mornings have been a little different. At least, they are if you consider waking to your necromancer lover wrapping his body around your own. It was appreciated at first, giving her a moment to appreciate the quiet and Vankaskan's embrace, but after a while, the need to move does come along, and it's always a trick getting out of his grasp without waking him. With a sigh, Hyrrokkin carefully pried her own arms out from beneath herself and Vankasken, taking a moment to run the fingers on her left hand through his hair, s
:iconinsanitybiscuit:InsanityBiscuit 3 0
Best Moms by InsanityBiscuit Best Moms :iconinsanitybiscuit:InsanityBiscuit 7 2 Hyrrokkin - Actor Au by InsanityBiscuit Hyrrokkin - Actor Au :iconinsanitybiscuit:InsanityBiscuit 5 2 These are the people you thought you knew by InsanityBiscuit These are the people you thought you knew :iconinsanitybiscuit:InsanityBiscuit 4 1 I'm Still Caught Up In The Undertoe | EaS by InsanityBiscuit I'm Still Caught Up In The Undertoe | EaS :iconinsanitybiscuit:InsanityBiscuit 7 7
Low Momentum - Warm-Up Drabble
She's 35 now and the nights still feel heavy. For some reason or another, the dark skinned woman still returns to the covens, in the shadows though, sitting silently and watching the fire in the center of it all flicker and listening to those gathered speak among one another. Why did she come? Her pale green eyes lowered, slowly, languidly to her hands, one seared and cracked with the old burn marks, the other calloused and aged from hard work with a hammer.
Even from her place shrouded in the dark, Hyrrokkin could hear them whisper about her, as if she was some kind of monster waiting to swoop down from the trees and pluck them off of the ground. The thought brought a faint huff of a laugh from her. Perhaps she was. Either way, she sat still, simply watching, waiting. What she was expecting, she wasn't certain. There were mentions of Dalla now. There were always mentions of Dalla.
For being such a coward, the spritely draconian witch had been surprisingly popular with others, so it wa
:iconinsanitybiscuit:InsanityBiscuit 4 0
this isn't flirting by InsanityBiscuit this isn't flirting :iconinsanitybiscuit:InsanityBiscuit 6 10 Mom And Dad Are Fighting Again by InsanityBiscuit Mom And Dad Are Fighting Again :iconinsanitybiscuit:InsanityBiscuit 6 11



Uldren made Amanda cry. I’m gonna avenge my Texan Ship waifu’s feelings, you 🅱️lue 🅱️astard.
Not deleting after all. I’ve been convinced otherwise.
>When you say you’re gonna Deactivate your dA and then fall asleep before you do

I am peak human evolution
I’m not gonna post much of anything anymore lol


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I do a lot of RWBY fanfics, I've dabbled in some Destiny stuff too.

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