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[CONTENT]In a planet where outdated ONLINE MARKETING tricks don't work anymore, and the Search Engine Optimization professionals feeling powerless as a result of all the Google algorithm improvements, comes a new hero - Kotton Grammer.

Kotton's story is totally inspirational, and it's fascinating to hear him and gain from his experience. Only by checking out Kotton company's rankings for nationwide very competitive SEO terms, such like "Miami Search Engine Optimization," "Pensylvania Search Engine Optimization," and "Las Vegas Search Engine Optimization," you can determine that there are numerous things you can pick up from him.

Right after I tracked down his search engine positionings for all of those aggressive keywords I could not think it's possible so I chose to dig deeper and found a report that Kotton could have been collaborating with a Russian programmers company called "Krasnaya Zvezda" to obtain those search engine rankings fast. Right after I contacted my man at the KGB, and it seems it's only a rumors and nothing else (Obviously, I'm simply kidding!).
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Right now let's get serious and examine Kotton Grammer's products including his best-selling on-line program "OMG Machines," examine the quality of the SEO work he's made on his web page, and also check out whether he uses the techniques he shows throughout his training program himself.

I looked at Kotton's link profile, and despite everything seems good, there is several evidence showing that some unknown SEO strategy was added to the internet site. It may have been a Search Engine Optimization experiment or even an attack from a competition. It's difficult to say given that all the proof was eliminated and simply a few pieces survived after Kotton Grammer Busted  a cleansing process. The bottom line is that the site was made utilizing all the standards from the Kotton's course.

There are a few reasons why I think that "OMG Machine" is a top notch training program and well worth each dollar you pay for it:
1. There are no secret methods, magic formulas, and blackhat techniques that can injure your website.
2. There are continuous updates posted from the group of Search Engine Optimization experts who work very hard to break every fresh Google algorithm and benefit from it.
3. Truth be told there are numerous study that discuss in details each and every little point.
4. Kotton really inspires you ensuring that you are sharp.
5. And finally, it's a wonderful community that will really help you with any question or issue you could get.

To conclude of my Kotton Grammer's assessment and testimony, I want to state that acts describe a person and words are a gas in the wind. And reviewing by this man's service, he is a true INTERNET MARKETING expert.
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Submitted on
April 9, 2017