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Grammatonhenry, PI by GrammatonHenry Grammatonhenry, PI :icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 1 4 Too sexy for the likes of you by GrammatonHenry Too sexy for the likes of you :icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 0 3
Tomboy 11
Cooper sat on the toilet seat, his knees pulled up to his chest.  He stared straight ahead into the bathroom stall door with the broken latch, and then lost control again and buried his face between his legs, crying.  A mix of varied emotions formed a painful blossom in his chest, and the only sensible thing to do about it was cry.  He still loved Tomboy, and didn’t want to lose her.  He was mad at Tomboy for falling for King so easily.  He was mad at himself for not telling Tomboy sooner.  He was sad because he didn’t tell Tomboy sooner.  He was angry at King for stealing Tomboy from him.  He was afraid because King is too strong and there’s nothing he could do about it.  He was sad because he couldn’t do anything about it.  He was sad because Tomboy didn’t want him to do anything about it.  
He didn’t know who to blame and
:icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 5 14
Clone by GrammatonHenry Clone :icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 1 1 Photo by GrammatonHenry Photo :icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 1 0 Red by GrammatonHenry Red :icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 1 0 Insomnia by GrammatonHenry Insomnia :icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 0 0 Youth by GrammatonHenry Youth :icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 4 0 Discovery by GrammatonHenry Discovery :icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 1 0 Orange by GrammatonHenry Orange :icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 0 0 Band-Aid by GrammatonHenry Band-Aid :icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 0 0
Tomboy 10
“Alright, everybody gather around.”  Said King.  The hour of preparation had passed, and the time of competition had started.  The rogues gathered in the west side and the hammers gathered in the east side, with King standing in front.  “Where’s Tomboy?”  he asked.  
“I’m right here.”  She said, pushing her way past the crowd of rogues into the clearing between them.  
“Excellent.”  He said.  “Let’s get started.”
“Where’s Cooper?”  
“Someplace safe.”  
“I want to see him.”  Tomboy said.  Nobody broke the silence that followed.  “Now.”  Her and King locked eyes, and he stood still for a long time.  His eyebrow twitched and then he snapped his fingers, the sound echoing in the park.  There was some comm
:icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 3 18
Tomboy 9
“You’ve been staring at your food for like 20 minutes.”  Said Kitty.  She was sitting across from Doc in the middle of a restaurant, and he was acting despondently the whole time.  He hadn’t even taken the flatware out of his napkin, he was just looking at his food.   
“Sorry.  It’s just…I’m worried about Cooper.” He said, in a soft voice.
“I’ve already told you.  Tomboy will find him.  Now quit worrying and eat.  We planned on going on a nice date in a nice restaurant two weeks ago.  You’re here, I’m here, let’s just enjoy ourselves for once.”  She said, reaching across the table and putting his fork in his hand.
“How can you say that?”  he said, putting it back down.  “He’s out there somewhere, and-
“Yes, I get it.”
“No, Kitty, I don’t think you ge
:icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 5 14
untitled 2
“So…that’s your tale?”  asked a member of the crowd.  Valentine’s hands were in the middle of a gesture and he was looking up when he snapped out of it and looked back down at his audience.  
“Well, I’ve been telling it, haven’t I?”  he said.  
“Yes, that is his tale.”  said Charon, standing up and walking next to the prisoner.  “He was arrested and tried and now he’s here.  Now, if you recall, we came here for a hanging, not a story.  So, without further adieu…” he said, putting his arm around Valentine’s neck.
“Wait!  Wait!  There’s more, there’s more!”  he said frantically.  
“Ah ha ha, I’m afraid you’ve bested me for the last time, gypsy.”  He said, grabbing the noose and loosening it up.  The executioner put his han
:icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 0 0
untitled 1
It was hot, and it was the middle of the desert.  A large, brown mountain range swept through the vast, sandy plains.  Nestled next to the mountain range was a tiny speck.  The speck was a wagon.  It was an old, dark purple wagon with various trinkets hung around the outside and a curtain over one side.  The shape told anyone looking at it that it came straight from the circus.  The stock that the horse was supposed to go was empty, and a skeleton was lying on the ground underneath it.  The wheels were buried a third of the way up in sand.  Inside it was dark and humid.  A shirtless, black man was sleeping amongst a large pile of junk with an arm over his eyes.  He had been stuck in this desert for weeks now.  Since his horse died, he had not known what to do and did what any traveling salesperson/voodoo priest would do: set up shop.  He knew that he was actually less
:icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 1 0
Untitled intro
Drums beat as the prisoner was moved forward.  It was a hot day, and the noose
hanging from the gallows swung back and forth slightly in the breeze.  The
prisoner came out of the gate, with royal guards in black vests, white shirts, white
fustanellas, and red caps on either side of him.  He was a black man.  He wore an
antiquated beige, plaid suit coat with patches on the elbows over a white, frilly
shirt, with waves of cloth creeping out from above the neck of his beige-plaid
waist coat and blossoming around his hands, in wool gloves with the fingers
unevenly cut off, which were in wood and metal shackles.  A tattered, sun-worn
ascot that was in its current state a shade of light gray hung from his neck like a
scarf.  He wore knickerbockers that matched his coat and heavy canvas leggings
that led down to a pair of shining, polished oxford shoes.  The shoes were easily
the nicest part of his outfit.  On his
:icongrammatonhenry:GrammatonHenry 1 0

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Alright, I figured now would be as good a time as any to tell you what's going on.
Some of you may have noticed that there was a period of time that i didn't go on deviantart, then started sparodically going on after a while, and didn't submit tomboy 12 like I said I would.

Let me explain.

After I submitted that last journal, I milled around for a couple days, and then, out of nowhere, inspiration struck me like a bolt of lightning.  It came without reason or method, like any good inspiration does, and i started writing like mad.  And I mean really, like mad.  I was on a roll when my brother came back downstairs and decided to harass me like he does a lot.  So he picks up my FUCKING DIPLOMA off the shelf and THROWS it at me.  My diploma is a leather-bound glass case, so it's pretty heavy, and I ducked out of the way and it missed.  I yelled at him for being stupid and told him to leave me alone.  He said he would and picked up my diploma.  As he was walking back, he quickly turned around and threw it at me AGAIN, only this time it was wildly inaccurate and it hit my laptop right in the back.  The image on my screen instantly fizzled into a blank white face with grimy black cracks snaking out from the corner and confused green and purple shapes leaking out of them.  My LCD was broken.  (Don't worry, he paid for it).

So, the main problem with this was that it interrupted my writing, and the chapter was saved on my laptop, not my parent's PC.  So I was stuck.  I had to ship it off to Dell and have them repair it while I waited.  For a week.  I just got it back two days ago and the first thing I did (besides go through my overgrown heap of messages and devwatches) was go right back to writing.  Except when I opened the document, I came face to face with my old arch-nemesis, that horrible, taunting blinky vertical line on word, and it informed me with its own awful glee that i had lost my inspiration, and I couldn't write.  

So, here I am again at square one, writing it piece by piece, trying to finish it eventually.  I'm really tempted to just rush the chapter out the door just to be done with it, but at the same time I don't want to do that and sacrifice quality.  

So blame my stupid brother.  And Killzone 2.  God damn it for being so cool.
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