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hai guys !! so it looks like you all liked my detailed furs, so im taking comms on them aheh
sorry for not alot of examples, im trying to get art done so i can have examples nYAH

what i can do:
  • feral (of any species ofc !!)
  • anthro 
  • gore
  • anything furry like lmao
what i wont do:
  • nsfw
  • humans
okie to the prices of these nyeh cgvhjbnk

detailed headshot:
gotcha !! by GrainyPeaches go up, go down by GrainyPeaches

$25 USD / 2,400 Points 
the background is optional !!

mini detailed headshot/halfbody:

welcome to the panic room by GrainyPeaches

$15 USD / 1,400 Points 

form !!:

Character reference: 
background? (yes/no):
any type of theme?:

thank you for considering this aha !!
♡ ♡ ♡ 
sorry for any art guys aaa

ive been making some wips, and I'm finally getting ready to do an actual animation meme after two years

I hope you all understand :c
have a great day♡
do i need to redo my page??

im tired of looking at it
its so disgusting--

ooooh i might get core ay?
spam them to me tyy
my mother wont let me do art on my laptop anymore,, and tried to disable my account but couldn't

bye guys,, see you in the future ;-;
my mother threw my phone away and i won't be able to do any art for awhile
hey guys!! so im currently sick rn, and i want to take a break from art until i get better and get back into the spirit of art :,).. thanks for all the birthday wishes aswell, ily all <3!

if you wanna chat message me on Discord ♡ CandyDogz ♡#6508
Hello everyone!! So I'm doing these cute derpy icons for an additional 4$.
These are some examples and some that I have made so far!!

Hold on wait a nyaaa by GrainyPeaches  3d3a8d05689cd2289fefead5e55f551c by GrainyPeaches  I nom yur screen by GrainyPeaches  I Squeak My Squeaky Red Ball by GrainyPeaches  Me Nom Me Pizza by GrainyPeaches  No It Was My Idea by GrainyPeaches  Oopies I Didnt Mean It by GrainyPeaches  Well If You Werent Being Such A Meanie by GrainyPeaches  Woah Candyland by GrainyPeaches 

They can have the option of the list below!!:

  • Blush
  • Item (In mouth or paw)
  • Facial Expression
  • Paws
Please have your money ready to pay when you order one.
Please do not edit/trace/steal my artwork in any kind of way.
I am willing to give you an update on your artwork!! Just note me and I'll be with you when I have the time.

That's pretty much it!! Please comment below if you'd like one!!
Thank you and have a nice day/afternoon/night!!
Looking to do Art Trades!!

Hiya everyone <3!! I'm looking to do art trades :D!! Comment below if you want to do one nwn!!
Please note I can only draw:
✓ Canine/Feline
✓ Birds and reptiles
✓ Animals
Thank yu~!! I'll reply to your comment as soon as I can!!
Hello everyone!! I'm opening up commissions today.

Please note that I do not draw the following:
✗ Humans
✗ Robots
I do draw the following:
✓ Canine/Feline
✓ Birds and reptiles
✓ Animals

Discord Icons 
sweet sauce by GrainyPeaches  jungle juice by GrainyPeaches  are you kidding me by GrainyPeaches  will you go with me? by GrainyPeaches

A 900x900 headshot of your character, with a background of your choice.
100Points/1$ (via PayPal)

Detailed Half-body 
the internet flavor please by GrainyPeaches  living island by GrainyPeaches

A detailed, shaded, half-body of your character. Backgrounds are included, not optional.
300Points/3$ (via PayPal)

DeviantArt Animated Icon 
i love my girl but she aint worth the price by GrainyPeaches
A 50x50 animated icon of your character. Any pose or animation is optional, as well as backgrounds.
500Points/5$ (via PayPal)

Reference Sheet:
Commission Type:
Payment Type:
♡ Thanks for reading/commissioning me