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This is my submission for 2009 Project: Rooftop [link]
Redesign Contest, Wolverine: Looking Sharp

Which incidentally this entry was chosen as the Grand Prize Winner.
Result: [link]

Idea came about when I imagined a scenerio where Logan get recruited once again by Uncle Sam, fighting along side with Weapon 1: Captain America.

The costume starts off being a black and gold Black Op convert costume for stealth/assasin purpose.

When Logan gets into a battle frenzy, the yellow portion on his costume will start to glow.
The yellow glowing stripe on Wolverine's costume is an indicator of Wolverine's rage.

Initial concept is to have the sleeves being foldable. During non-combat moment, Logan can wear it casually in the public right after he removes the protective vest.

Although Logan is known to be indestruable but it is still possible to slow him or even stop him momentarily, therefore a protective vest will reduce the risk of that happening in any battle. The collar helps prevent Logan's head getting chopped off.
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Awesome Wolverine 🙂