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Aquaman Redesign 1

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Project: Rooftop
Redesign Contest, Aquaman: Sea Change [link]

My Aquaman design is inspired by the high sea adventure pirate, the greek mythology and Peter David's run on the Aquaman series.
Peter David's run on the Aquaman series leaves a great impact of my impression of Aquaman.
Curry wears armour that comes from the sea creatures. Bones as the arm guard and exoskeleton of the prehistorical armored fish, dunkleosteus as his shoulder armour guard.
Curry's Weapon is transformable: between the Spear and Trident. Only when it becomes the Trident will the full power of the Weapon be unleashed.
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pieclownProfessional Artist
This fits for pirate, but not swimmer.  He would have to ditch the boots, mainly the cuffs.  Otherwise I love it.  I do like how the water hand is not more compelling not just a blue hand.
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This is really cool Grailee. Id love to do a cosplay of him in the near future if that's ok by you.
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hey superbjamin thank you.
yah sure. feel free to cosplay the design. Do let me see how it turns out in reality.
By the way, some else did cosplayed this design previously. Wicked! 
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ComicCoveHobbyist Filmographer
Dude, could I use something along this design for a series of fan-films?
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why, why, why don't you work for DC?, this would be so much better than the V-neck redesign!
thisguyisnotcool's avatar
Very cool and creative
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Ah ha, I see what you did there. You made his crown kind of like the Roman Wreath thing, but fish bones. Very clever. I also like what you did to his arm.
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xpholxHobbyist Artist
i love it !  i do cosplay! this art!  you are amaizing! 
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nelsonavegaProfessional General Artist
LOVE the shoulder armor design. Makes him look badass.
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impressive redesign. I love his face, first off - which really had nothing to do with the redesign aspect, but like every piece of his armor, clothing, it tells a story of a fantastic adventurer. Again, amazing work.
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Hey thanks! Glad u like Arthur's face and his new garb. :)
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Nice. very interesting redesign
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herrenmediaHobbyist Traditional Artist
That is a very cool Aquaman.
thesolaralchemist's avatar
How can I collect Peter David's Aquaman run?
Grailee's avatar
Your favourite neighbourhood comic store! :D
thesolaralchemist's avatar
I live in Mississippi, so the nearest comic store is 90 miles away.
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AH! That sucks...
thesolaralchemist's avatar
HAHAHHAHAHA you don't even know!
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pawcanadaHobbyist Digital Artist
Ever since Geoff Johns got his hands on Aquaman, he's quickly gone on to become one of my favourite DC heroes (to be fair, he is good at turning heroes I never personally cared for and making them all time favourites).

As for the re-design, this is awesome. I love the armour and trident, and the way you did his water hand is brilliant. I also like the pirate vibe you've gone for on his shirt and boots.
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