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Riding The Beam

The Lynx, a frieghter/ore carrier is on final approach, travelling between the markers and following the guidance beam.

Features a rebadged Nostromo by Lee Medcalf
Landbarge by The Axeman
Helios by Jason T
Astronaut by Ivor the Engine.

This is an entry in the bi-monthly resource appreciation contest at F3D [link]
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Wow! Great composition and nice angle of view.
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Voted for it too! ;)
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Beautiful image. Really nice
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Neat image composition and a neat postwork style departure. We don't often see you taking the "repurposing" root to assembling a scene so at first I totally didn't recognize this as yours :) The Helios' work great as "tech towers", though I wonder if you should have flipped the Nostromo upside down to improve the illusion?
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Thanks :) The seed of this image started out as an experiment in foreground masking - making it easy to render objects on and behind the rock formation. Initially I had the astronaut looking in wonder at the Helios as it passed over, but the "story" simply didn't work. Purely by accident I rotated the Helios and it fell into place as a tower. The Nostromo was the only model I could think of that fitted the scale of the scene. I tried adding some colour to the engines but don't think they work very well Whilst it's not my best image by any stretch of the imagination I am proud of the little bits; I modelled the "Lynx"name plate and light beams in Lightwave rather than attempting them in Photoshop.
Flipping the ship is a masterful idea !!
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Very cool !!
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Amazing depth and design to the look of this right down to the scale and setting Wow very Impressive!!! :clap::clap::clap:
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Cheers, I'm glad the scale works that was the one thing I wasn't sure about.
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Excellent work and perfectly executed! :clap:
This is a marvelous composition and aweinspiring technology! :wow::iconwowplz::iconsaywow1plz:
Well done! :D

Are these yellow-beam generators wells, sunk into the planetoid at the bottom of the image? :?
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Yep the yellow beams are embedded in the rock, there should be a row of them kinda like runway lights.
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Light houses and runway lights making a virtual runway for space craft! How clever and certainly a sane way to direct space traffic. :rofl:

And, you are most welcome! :D
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