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Firefly Owner Monthly II

By GrahamTG
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Second swing at this concept, follow up to [link]

Dumped the steel plate floor for a wooden table which gives it a warmer feel. I beat up the magazine a lot more to give it that worn, Garage waiting room look. Also corrected a stupid stupid grammar error and changed some text.

Thanks to all who offered advice and comments :)

Serenity model by Sean Kennedy

This is an entry into the monthly resource appreciation contest over on I thoroughly recommend you go check the site out.
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desertforestHobbyist General Artist
If only ... If only ...
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CasperiumProfessional Digital Artist
Shiny!!!!!!!!!! I wish someone would make an actual collectible copy of this.
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browncoat4lifeHobbyist General Artist
Really wish this was a real thing! :D Excellent work!
astreastar's avatar
THIS.  IS.  GENIUS!!!  And it made my day!  Many thanks :D
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GrahamTGHobbyist Digital Artist
You are more than welcome.  I had an absolute blast putting this one together, I'm glad it still works  :)
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joulester General Artist
This is really awesome! A truly rare piece here on dA! Very creative and clever. Love it!
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saunterloftHobbyist Traditional Artist
this is beautiful.
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GrahamTGHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :)
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rockinrobinStudent Digital Artist
hahah this is so clever! I saw this on Pinterest and was glad to be able to trace the link back here. great job, very cool!
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GrahamTGHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :)
I'll add Pinterest to the list of sites this image has popped up on.
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OMG WANT!!! I love this and the follow up cover image too. OMG OMG OMG! LUVES!!!
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LWJacknProfessional Digital Artist
Better than a years supply of Fruit Fly's... :p
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I was told that the QR code is active, however, I cannot get the QR code to show up on my phone. Can you post a link to a larger image? Thanks.
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GrahamTGHobbyist Digital Artist
The QR code is active, but doesn't contain anything exciting ;)

I've uploaded it here [link]
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This work is so amazing, it needs to be a real thing. There's so much detail here it really shows you love the show. I would definitely frame this if it was a thing.
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GrahamTGHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, the thing that has made me most happy about the attention this is getting, are all the people who have got the references :)
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Joss Whedon approved: [link]
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GrahamTGHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow ! Thanks for the heads up :) I knew it had been posted on Facebook, but now I see it's popping up all over the place.
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Looks fantastic, again.

The wooden table does indeed make it much warmer.

The white on yellow "Features" is somewhat unreadable, compared to your first version which was a slightly different shade.

Also, shouldn't "a years supply of fruity oat bars" be "a year's supply of fruit oat bars"? I don't usually point out these things, but as you mentioned the mistake in the previous version thought I'd ask.
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ArdieumHobbyist Digital Artist
A must have for any firefly fan :) Nice work
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CadOfThedasHobbyist Writer
Do. Want.
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Amazing! I Love it
blackjamie's avatar
first a year's supply of protien bars, and now a chance to win a year's supply of fruity oaty bars...I really gotta renew my subscription...
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