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Kings of the realm

Character for Kings of the realm:,…
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that boar shoulder pad is such an cool idea

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lets see a dwarf female bearded

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she's so cute and short and could break me and half and...
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I like the look of this character for a dwarf warrior.
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your stuff is incredible!! 
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Amazing details !! :)
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hay can i juse this in RPG D&D?
but it was my understanding that dwarfs are so alike in appearance that there are no dwarf women......
Your level of detail on her armor, her axe, the brass caps of her boots, the texture of the fur, everything, is so marvelous. A awe-inspiring dwarf-queen.
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Love this one also.  
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this is amazing. I love it!
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Shit thats amazing!
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A very badass Dwarf Lady indeed !
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Badass and squat, but sexy! Great job!
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She looks like she could give two f*&ks about what you think.  Perfectly captured attitude, I love it!
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Badass dwarf chick.
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Very nice proportions, Colouring and art is top notch!
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This is amazing and beautiful and I really don't have the words for how much I love it.
Excellent work!!!! I love it!
I'll admit I'm tired of random tattoos on fantasy characters (just my personal preference, yes?), but I REALLY like her boar's-head pauldron, and the way the metal bands on her axe-haft would keep it from slipping out of her hands even if sweat or blood made the wood slick.

Nice work!

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