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Kitsune and the Mountain Gods lantern

By Grafik
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Title:Kitsune and the Mountain God’s lantern.

At very young age, Kitsune is taken away from her family, a poor family of rice farmers, to perform has a dancer at the Shogun’s palace.

One day she decides to escape the palace and run away. The young girl wanders too far and gets lost into the forest of Fushimi Inari. Fushimi Inari, a mountain, home of Kami Inari, the Mountain God.

Days passes by, then turned into weeks, Kitsune is deep into the forest unable to find its exit. One night, completely starving, very close to death, she sees a very dim light at far. She masters all her strength, and goes toward the light source, she finds an old lantern, strangely the old lantern is lit, lying down on the forest floor. Has she grabs the lantern, she feels a strange energy, her faintness seems to fade away and she’s able to leave the forest, guided by the lantern’s light.

Kitsune becomes a street performer, traveling from town to town performing her dance with her lantern, has she dances she creates visual illusions, crowds gather around to see her dance and the magic illusions, they look so vivid, so real. One day she realizes that the illusions are more than that, they can materialize, became real…

Word has spread, the Shogun’s son demands to see this amazing dancer and her illusions. She’s invited to the palace; Five years have passed since she escaped from the Shogun’s palace, now she sees herself again returning to that place…

The rest is up to your imagination! Hope you like it!

Talisman: Lantern
Equipment: clothing, fox mask and umbrella, all part of the dancer attire.
Logo: Kanji word in the lantern, Kitsune, meaning fox

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ThatoneDSaFfanStudent General Artist

this is amazing, astoundingly beautiful. The chance I saw this was an immediate favorite, your art skills are beyond compare and are sure to inspire beginner artists that are learning for their art as well. this lit up my day, er night, morning? idk but it's amazing

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NarmosHobbyist General Artist

I love the water's coloring!

lees4's avatar

beautiful!!! the light effects you used and that dragon, I mean.. wow!!!

Delta0dst's avatar
Beauty worthy of DD
G-CO's avatar
G-COStudent Traditional Artist

Awesome rendering of the details!

pierjet's avatar
pierjetStudent Traditional Artist

is just BREATHTAKING (that's not a verb lol) i loved it!

Jaislynn's avatar
JaislynnProfessional Writer
This is simply gorgeous! I love the water dragon.
Ururuty's avatar
nice work
RTNightmare's avatar
RTNightmareHobbyist General Artist
Wonderful! I’m glad you received a feature! :D Beautiful work!
Sabi02's avatar

It's beautiful ! ❤

Lintu47's avatar

Congrats on the Daily Deviation! :happybounce:

Have a nice day and stay safe!

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LindArtzHobbyist Digital Artist
Wonderful work!! (and it's already in my favs! ) :)!!!

Congratulations on your much deserved, DD! :clap:!!!

IndahAlditha's avatar
IndahAldithaHobbyist Digital Artist
I just can't believe...you didn't make it even to the semifinal... I don't know why I'm so upset that they took... your DD too. At least let the DD stay there.
Grafik's avatar
Grafik Digital Artist

I didn’t notice the remove of the DD, why did they take the DD? My artwork already had lots of favorites even before the DD, people like it, only the judges didn’t. I think it’s still the artwork with more favorites :D

The previous contest I’ve entered the same happened, not even considered for a semifinalist: www.deviantart.com/grafik/art/…

At the time I got really bummed, and removed the artwork, I had put so much into it...some of their choices in that contest were very questionable.  On this one, I like some of the choices they made. It’s their choices, their contest, nothing to do about it, mabybe more luck next time.

wbnfs91's avatar
wbnfs91Professional Digital Artist

Nice work, yours is definitely on my top 3 list, but not even one of the semi-finalists, man... unbelievable.:disbelief:

Grafik's avatar
Grafik Digital Artist

Thanks man. It’s a contest, they choose who they want, and that’s It. Better luck next time.

Rafael-Domination's avatar
Rafael-DominationHobbyist General Artist
This should have been one of the semi-finalists, at the very least.
Grafik's avatar
Grafik Digital Artist

Thanks, but I had feeling this would be the result, same thing happened in the last contest I entered… not even considered for the semi-finalists. This time my entry was made a DD, but still not good for the finalists. I’m thinking of leaving DA, not worth the time.

Rafael-Domination's avatar
Rafael-DominationHobbyist General Artist
To be quite honest, I've no idea what they were looking for. That being said, I don't think you should leave DA; the place would be poorer for it.
Grafik's avatar
Grafik Digital Artist

It's fine, thanks anyway. Nice art btw.

Rafael-Domination's avatar
Rafael-DominationHobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! And thanks for honoring me with that compliment!

I look forwards to seeing more from you and your gallery in the future!
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Absbor-JHobbyist General Artist
Awesome work!
Grafik's avatar
Grafik Digital Artist
thank you!
Absbor-J's avatar
Absbor-JHobbyist General Artist
You're welcome 
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