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I have made this Deviant art page to share the street art of others. I have also made a facebook account under the name Graffiti Watcher with the same goal. I love this art and only wish that everyone gets a chance to see it.

Please take and use any art that is displayed. Please continue to contribute to the world.

I will continue to post, because people will continue to make. I thank everyone that has made this art so that we may think, feel, and imagine the world in a different way.

Also if you see any art that is displayed with out an artist credited to it and you know the artist please comment on that picture and inform me so that I can add the correct credit that is due. The majority of art here is from anonymous artist, so I have no way of actually giving credit. I will check into the artist to make sure your not just yammering, so if you know say so if not please don't waste my time.

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Photography, Graffiti, Stencil Graffiti

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Deviantart really isn't the place for this sort of thing. Don't post other people's work without express permission 
Great gallery.

I sent to you message, waiting for you reply.
Great gallery! Would you mind if I use some of your stuff in the streets?
None of this art is mine, it was passed out on a anonymous message board so that others could appreciate and help others make their own art. So if it is credited to an artist I ask that you ask them, but if it is an anonymous artist it is ok to use it. I would ask that you make it your own by adding your own art work into it. So that the art continues to expand and carries with it another piece of another artist into it. ^^
I like his art work, but I'm confused how that can be a question.