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Viney-Branchey Brushes

Okay well this is a set of brushes i made (only 4!! i will try to add more later on!!). They are for the gimp.... there is an example of each on the preview image. I have no idea what these kind of brushes are called but they look kinda like vines or branches... so... ya know...

NOTE: These brushes have a pretty low opacity, so you may want to click a few times (without moving your mouse!), that's what i had to do. I did do this on purpose, because i wanted to keep the natural.... texture(?) i guess.

So that's that. Please please please comment and tell me what you think.

Oh yeah, and if you use my brushes PLEASE credit me and send me a note or comment here. It's plagiarism if you don't (ha!) plus it's pretty rude if you ask me.... lol
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Kahota's avatar… (There will be more uses of your art later, I wont send you links as to not spam inless you want that o-o)
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Cool brushes, thanks.
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Woo! I like 'em :D. Very nice job making these. :).
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use them here thank you
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nice brush set!
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Nice job with the branches! :D
lol they look like they'd go with my Leafshadows quite nicely!
they are nice and i think i will have some use for them so would it be alright if used a few?
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yess... that's why i put them on here....
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nice job B-relle!! i kinda dig the pink one
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yeah... that's my flavorite... and the blue one too
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Nice! I hope I can put these brushes to good use. You don't mind me downloading them, do you? Keep up the good work!
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psht no... that's what they're here for!!
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