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It's been six really great years here on dA and I'm sorry to have to say I need to leave. DeviantART brought me the exposure I needed for my work and also along with it a great bunch of Indian artists I am proud to say I know. But the downside of too much exposure is my work being plagiarised way too often. My work has been stolen, butchered and abused for a variety of reasons. My deviantart ID image has appeared on a wall of a brothel in a song sequence of a Kollywood film, my Bani Thani auto-traced and printed on a cushion, and big agencies seem to be copying my work as well. It seems like me sharing my work with the rest of the world has resulted in me being cheated by a bunch of people who are so much more business-savvy than I, and I am sick and tired of it.

My friend at MasalaChai described me on her blog as an under-the-radar artist. I am not quite sure how I have never gotten the exposure I deserve (or do I not deserve it?) It seems to me that despite publishing almost every piece of work on my gallery the cons seem to outweigh the pros: I don't get much exposure and whatever exposure I do get, gets my work taken from me. Perhaps ideas I come up with easily I tend to take for granted, because the cheaters have taken my work and gotten awards, fame and money. All for free.

I hope you understand why I need to take my work down. Stuff that has been copied already will remain up for legal purposes as proof (Yes, I now have a lawyer) But before my head gets cut out and pasted on a porn model I need to protect my work. All my work from now on goes into storage. My activity on this site will now be minimal. And no more stuff for free.

- A disillusioned Mira
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I understand why. To exhibit your work, you'll be forced to go out into the real world, show real people, get real feedback, get real money.. which I think would be a very good thing.
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I do that. Just that there wasn't that much opportunity in India a few years ago. Now there is :)
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Hey Mira! Kshiraj Telang here. It's disappointing to know that you are probably not aware of paper toy genre and possibly feel that I have stolen your idea (as it appears from your description). Kindly note that I have been an addict of this art form since I started my profession and have converted many of my cartoon designs into paper toy art. It's just that a Lord Shiva paper toy that matches between us (that too is too different in art style) doesn't mean that I got influenced from your work and started something as a copy. If you are not much known to paper toys, kindly let me know and I will help you by introducing to the entire industry and various portals where you'll be happy to meet many more artists doing similar (and amazing) work. Your justification on DA website and a complaint about me sounds rude and won't let me respect you as an artist (as I should). You are doing your own stuff which is original and genuine, and I am doing mine. I recommend you to better respect the industry the way it is and continue to amaze us with your good work! I wish you good luck and look forward to more designs. :)
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Mira, this is a big loss of dA and as much as I've supported you when it comes to work being ripped off, I dont agree with you about the Kshiraj Telang case. box paperfoldables have been around (check these: [link])

You have your originals and he has his originals. he's just marketing it best he can, and he ought to - so should you! we love your work and will always promote it, whether you decide to stay on dA or not. all the best and dont lose heart. you are gifted! going to call you - we have a long discussion pending on Cut OK Paste, remember?
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Hi Kaushal,
I have cleared it out with Kshiraj. I must say people must think I'm an ignorant fool, but I was not talking about paper foldables, I was referring to the theme- look up there, I mentioned that! So I was saying 'mythological paper foldables' set of four- odd coincidence. I assure you I have been in the business long enough to understand what is plagiarism. I am saying his never was. But I did find it strange-maybe we Indians are unimaginative. Do you see what I am getting at? I have been looking at paper foldables for around 4 years now and in fact designed Cut OK Paste after discovering them.
My point was more about the other cases. I'm sure you have seen my facebook messages and the like. I also feel dA has unfortunately become a place people go to, to get free stuff. I have seen the way people pilfer because sadly, I have worked at such places.
I will miss dA and all you guys, but its time to move on and scale it up a notch-get more professional. :D
About CUT O.K. PASTE, let me know what you want to do about it, last time you convinced me to speak with you but then never called up. :S
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Understood girl, I know how it is. It does not stop here, but at least we all know you'll be going on better reaching the artistic highness. Trust me we'll be happy for you, proud of you. Take care dear!
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yeah u know man!

will see you on behance ;)
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Mira, you are an inspiration! It's really sad that it has come to this. :sniff:
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thanks pistachio, it is sad, this is the fifth time it has happened!
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arrere follow the blog re
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:hug: I shall see you around elsewhere! :) Haven't been on dA almost at all these past few years... All the best Mira! Chin up!
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So sorry it had to come to this.I'm a big fan of your work,you'll be sorely missed here.:(
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thanks panelgutter, i will still be here, not killing the account, but way less active on it for sure as I hope to move on to better things. love your work too!
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