Should I Continue With My Idea (read journal for more info)
8 votes
Yes - sounds like an original idea and I would buy it if priced fairly
No - Sounds stupid, why would anyone buy that
Maybe (explain in comment)
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By graffd02
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I don't play DnD, but with my knowledge of the game I can see people wanting to buy stuff like this.
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well as stated they already have dungeon tiles and mini's, which are required for dnd 4'th ed. but maybe you could do it for other rp games, they'd have to be significantly cheaper than dungeon tiles to be worth it though.
my friends and i just use a mechwarrior board and whatever mini's we have lying about.
i like the idea of stuff like weapons racks though
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graffd02Professional Interface Designer
I'll toss up an example on DA soon, just to show people what im talking about.
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graffd02Professional Interface Designer
The difference between mine and dungeon tiles are that they are 3D, as well as the fact that they are for objects and not floors, so instead of a top down view of a chest you would have a chest sitting on the grid. Ive also thought about doing a futuristic set once I finish designing this one... if I decide to go through with it.

The price would be VERY reasonable probably a CD with 100 or so objects on it for aound 10-15 dollars. My main source of marketing would be conventions as well as web-based ordering. If it became popular I could have hobby-shops and comic stores carry the item as well...
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i'd buy one