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I guess it was tiem for me to upload some of the stuff I've been working on to Deviantart... Most of my free time (what I have) has been spent on making T-shirts for various contest sites (I've printed 2 so far... with a possible 2 more prints in the near future).

Sorry for the long absence, I'll try to keep things updated here.

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Sweet designs, Mr Graff!

It was your artfully textured entries at Woot, the Hungry Robin style ones, that first made me a fan. It's a crime that hasn't printed yet. ^__^

I hope you'll do more in that style someday.
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graffd02Professional Interface Designer
I'm working on one currently... but It's not coming along very smoothly... might take a while.
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Looking forward to it!
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graffd02Professional Interface Designer
had to scrap the original and start over :P it's being difficult... but you know that the ones that take the longest are always the best right?