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No more monkeys jumping...

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had an idea.

I think I might start writing a childrens book.

Right now im trying out different illustration styles, i just wanted to try out different things in illustrator and see what I came up with... I havnt got a story yet, nor do i know what I want to write, but I think making childrens books would be fun and a great hobby... so ill prolly post up a few other styles, tell me if you like them and give me any ideas to make them better.

This style is very simple and striking, no outlines, no fine lines, just big blocks of color to show your subject...

From the old song my mom used to sing me about monkeys jumping on the bed...

3 little monkeys jumping on the bed,
one fell off and bumped his head,
momma called the doctor and the doctor said,
"no more monkeys jumping on the bed!"
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Im trying to remember the whole thing of the monkeys on the bed. can you tell me the whole one i really wanna tell my niece and nephew about it...plz-thnks
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start with a high number like 10 or so

10 little monkies jumping on the bed
one fell off and bumped his head
momma called the doctor
the doctor said

then keep reducing the number till you get to 0

No little monkies jumping on the bed
none fell off and bumped thier head
momma came in and then she said
good little monkies not jumping on the bed
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thanks a million :) ^.^