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I saw this old house while driving out in the country round my house, and i had to stop and take a picture, it just screams haunted house, im wondering in the little rascals are camping out for the night, or perhaps scooby doo?
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Good stuff. I'm publishing a literary journal and we are looking for art like yours. Here is the link to the submission criteria. We'd love to have you submit. We can not pay but if we like your submission, you'll be published.…
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huntermarchStudent Writer
It really does look haunted. Great picture👻🏠
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can i please use this awesome picture as background image for one of my Scary Compositions, that i want upload to my YT channel (…. I will credit you and your DA account in the description and no money will be made with this video by me other third parties.
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Love this. I can just imagine some pale figure slipping into view in one of the windows or doorway.
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CelticIrishgirlHobbyist Artist
I wouldn't be surprised if people who write Scooby Doo are like, "I smell money!"
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PhoenixSkywriterHobbyist General Artist
Oooh so creepy!
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Angel62599Professional Writer
Friend- Let's go inside!
Me- Nope! It's on nope street!
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AMAZING picture, thank you for sharing
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SidmodHobbyist Writer
Excellent! The charnel house speaks for itself. It does not need hooded figures etc stalking around it as it is a building one could come across some place and one would find its atmosphere disconcerting.
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Alcatraz4Student Photographer
This gives such a creepy feel to it! I love it!
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luckyangelproductionStudent General Artist
i believe in ghosts but i believe not every house like this is haunted. however it does look like a peaceful place to vistit
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luckyangelproductionStudent General Artist
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IPlayTF2blablaStudent Traditional Artist
I like this kind of houses but my mother believes tat tis kind of houses kills ppl who slps in there
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me and my two friends love the paranormal and ghost hunting and stuff. That house looks awesome! would so love to have a house like that to go hang around near where i live! XD beautiful shot too ^^ very spooky looking.
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Noctique-ArtProfessional Traditional Artist
The whole thing about this picture blows me away.
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i love this house!!
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I love old creepy buildings, they often come with fascinating stories. Wonderful photo.
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i love abandoned houses they are sooo amazing we have like 4 in my street and they were like old and falling apart they were soo cool we used to go explore them
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Your right, this so screams haunted! I love it, awesome job! =D
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w0lfygirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
i love it o__o <3
scary things = win
except my friend's house.. it literally IS haunted. not just suspicion, not a story, not something made up, it really is. you go out to the old tattered up house a bit away from her house (still on her property since she lives in the country) and you can see the chairs inside the dining window being moved and placed upside down on the table like they do in those little restraunts. and in the field you can heard gun shots and yelling and such.. and you can't EVER step off the property at night unless you're in a car with closed windows or ghosts will start threatening you.. every time someone goes near the edge of the land or even close to it at night to leave the horses go crazy! D: it's really scary..
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littlelovelysoulHobbyist General Artist
Xx Very beautiful-and creeped...So good
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edensynnHobbyist Digital Artist
That is one seriously scary house, excellent work!
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