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DS 61 - AVP Redux

By graffd02
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As mentioned with the previous comic, I've never seen either Alien or Predator and I doubt i'll ever watch Alien Vs. Predator. I just thought that if anyone would enjoy a rousing game of dodge ball it would be these two...

I hated dodge ball, not the movie, although it was pretty bad too. I was "The Fat Kid" growing up. You know the one... the one who although he's chubby is able to dodge the balls coming at him he can't throw worth crap... then suddenly he's the last one on the team left on the court and gets pummeled by about 6 balls at the same time and everyone on his team blames him for losing the game.. yeah I was that kid...

I thought It would be fun to give the Alien some geek glasses... they fit him, except for the whole lack of eyes thing...
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