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DS 60 - Alien Vs Predator

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I’ve never seen any movies from either series. I realize that I need to and their both on my big-big list of movies to watch in the next 1-2 years, In fact I think I’ve got alien sitting around somewhere…

I never quite understood the who Vs. movei concept anyways, it’s a bastardization of the franchises, I realize that most old-school horror flicks are based on camp and over-the-top gore, but seriously… Freddy Vs Jason, Alien vs. Predator, Mr. Rogers vs. Captain Kangaroo (Mr Rogers would kick his butt, and Mr. green-jeans too).

Enjoy the Comic… I did
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I gotta ask. How do you know they're a bastardization in this case if you havent seen the original films yet, at the time of posting this?

AvsP was actually a really good concept. The original AvP comic, and particularly the games, had a great atmosphere and potential for a film. Predator 2 even had a nod to the original AvP comic by having an Alien skull aboard the Predator ship in the trophy case.

I'd like to see the AVP franchise get at least one good flick out of it. The two creatures are very interesting, and if properly showcased would make for a fantastic confrontation.
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lol funny. :giggle: Have you ever seen this picture: [link] It's my new wallpaper on my computer. :lol: