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DS 41 - Hidden Agenda

By graffd02
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Wait Before you start flaming me - This comic is based around one of my favorite online comics Goats, and if you want to purchase cool voldemort political gear you can here: [link]

now that thats out of the way, lets talk politics and harry potter. I’ve voted allready, I filled in an absentee ballot about two weeks ago and sent it in. I’m not going to tell you who to vote for nor am I going to tell you who I voted for. What I am going to say is that this country is in dire straits (no not the band). Our economy is shot (I paid 8 dollars for a “value meal” at a fast food restaurant the other day), our educational system is crap (no child left behind? more like lets hold the rest of the behind so the stupid ones can feel special), and this war is ruining us in the eyes of the world. Those are the problems that I think need addressing, now you need to vote for the candidate that you think is most likely to get the job done right. but no matter what you do, PLEASE VOTE, dont go, well i dont know who to vote for, or it doesnt matter anyways, because if you don’t vote you have no place to complain if things go wrong.

Now as for the Harry Potter movies I have to say I didn’t ready any of the books until about this time last year (I read all 7 in under 2 weeks). And now looking on the movies with the eyes of a reader I have to say that they do a pretty good job, yes tthey remove a lot of facts and change things, but the important thing is that they keep the theme and feeling of the books alive, and that is great. I’m really looking forward to the Half Blood Prince.
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SartanisHobbyist General Artist
You know, between the three, I would have gone for Voldemort.
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at least Voldemort is honest ;)
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Meh voldemort shod have bin president.. Ohwell maybe next time
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EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
I have watched only the first 3 films, but I'm showing my respect for the books by not watching any more.Too much, as they said, was left out. In fact, one reviewer said that in HALF-BLOOD PRINCE he started to wonder if he was in the right screening room as the film was unrecognizable ! * I really feel that a 600-700 pg book can not be done justice by a 2-hr film or even a 3-hr film.

* IT's like the time I tried to watch CASPER on ch.47, but they changed the scheldule and didn't inform the TV listings as none of the expected characters were showing up and there were all these DOGS ! DOGS DOGS DOGS !! Same for a Smallville episode, ch.11 pulled a scheldule change and there were these 2 girls talking trash and Clark, Lex,etc., weren't showing up !
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KasaiRennetteHobbyist Writer
Totally voting for Voldemort. He's not like other politicians. He cuts the crap. And people's throats but, hey, you can't have it all...
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Ha! That's right. Voldermort is what you get. He tells you everything upfront. I'd vote for him as president...We'll, maybe not. I love living, ya know?
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SunshineKatHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hahaha. Great picture. Although, I think you messed the colors up. Aren't Republicans red, and Democrats blue? or was it just at random :P?
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That is the funniest picture I've seen in a while!

I'd jump on that train. You know whut Voldimort, I vote yes. Lets do this.
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haha, nice!
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darkmoldHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice. This might be my new favorite of yours now.
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LOL. I see "Republicans for Voldemort" bumper stickers every once in awhile. Everytime, I chuckle. I would vote for him.
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vegjackie Digital Artist
i think i love you.
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graffd02Professional Interface Designer
aww thats sweet... but im married :D I hear voldemort's looking though...
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vegjackie Digital Artist
awww man. Well I still admire you from a far then!

I dig buzzcuts, so baldy I don't know...

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