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DS 37 - The Nightmare Before..

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The Nightmare Before Christmas was a great movie. I’ve always loved claymation, I watched Wallace and Grommit back on PBS back before they were really all that popular in the states. I even dabbled in some claymation movies as a kid. I wasn’t allowed to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas as a kid because my religously motivated parents were afraid it would melt my brain or some nonsense (I still love them though, and they’ve relaxed since then), but I watched it later in life and now I have to say I’m better for it.

I’d have to say that 95% of Tim Burton’s movies are pure gold (although I thought Corpse Bride missed the mark). I have yet to see Sweeny Todd but ive heard good things…
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Jack Skellington got HELL for his attempted takeover of Christmas. One wonders what'll happen NOW !

The 3 kids did grab the Easter Bunny at one point, but Jack told them to take him back and follow orders PROPERLY this time !
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Love the comic, and I think it's hilarious. We all have to be thankful that Jack didn't pick any other door but Christmas. Otherwise...Easter Jack? Uncle Jack? And so forth.

I am going to nit pick about one little tinty microscopic thing in your comment...It isn't claymation. The characters aren't made from clay. Because of that, it's stop-motion animation.

See how pointless my utterance was? But don't worry, most people make the same mistake. :P

Again, a lovely piece!
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This is so funny. Good job!
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Sweeney todd is one of the best movies I've ever seen. The cinematography is great. Though I must admit though that it is quite graphic and it's definately not for the faint of heart and stomach, but overall, it is a great movie.

I love this comic.