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DS 24 - The Chipmunks

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Me and Lori watched the chipmunk adventure last week with ther nephew, I remembered loving the movie as a child and really it stands up to time pretty well... although I never could figure out why a grown man lives with 3 chipmunks that he calls his "Boys" my guess is something traumatic must have happened in his life at some point....

I havent seen the new live action chipmunks movie, and im not entirely sure I want to...

anyways, enjoy!
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Lol :D super funny
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Yeah, being a just for kids show there are definitely alot of flaws you'll notice as you grow up.
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LOL! But Miss Miller wouldn't do that. The Chipettes live with her.
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TheGamerHasRadarHobbyist General Artist
True, true...
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CedarWoodsHobbyist General Artist
Very funny. My kind of humor.
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otaking3582Hobbyist General Artist
After several years, I recently watched a review by Nostalgia Critic. I was ashamed to have forgotten such a wonderfully funny line,"David, are you drunk?!"
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@graffd02 it also doesn't make sense that no one notices walking 4ft chipmunks (80's) singing
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NicLoveHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, that was bad! :(
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ColonelMarksmanHobbyist Digital Artist
Their latest movie did a great job going back to the old characters (in fact, seeing Britney was a HUGE relief compared to how they screwed her up in Squeakquel) Some people didn't like it but I have no idea why. The animation in it is absolutely superb; they could've had better song choices and shouldn't have shown the jungle monster (too cheesy) but the rest was really good.

They need to make a 4th based entirely on the Chipettes though. Maybe not a huge a budget or as big, but at least something for them. A round-the-world trip where they find Miss Miller or something.
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mikmik15Hobbyist General Artist
LOL! I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! I really miss their show!
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:XD: Cute deleted scene. I personally recommend both the live-action films to any fan of the old cartoons, and the older cartoon to any new fans, so I say go for it! :D
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EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
This I added to my "favorites" gallery.

Ms. Miller would have to expand her mindset if she's to adopt the Chipettes later.

Also MY characters Skip & Sis Waldo, Citronella Peterson and any other manimal adopted by human parents would prob. set off the same reaction...
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EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
The goofiest scene is what the Chipmunks did to Dave's flip-charts !
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The live action one seems to kill the greatness in the Chipmunks. I mean sure they ACTUALLY look like chipmunks, but their too small. and these Chipmunks are properly human sized. Are you understanding what I'm sayin' guys?
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lol i can really see Miss Miller saying that XD. the Chipmunk Adventure waz alwayz a favorite. i kinda liked the live action movie, but in no shape or form did it do the cartoon justice.
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JaimepHobbyist General Artist
oh man, that is miss miller in a nutshell XD I love it. I remember that movie so well.
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i dont like the new movie... it sorta messes with the old one a little too much...
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I deserve the money for the Chipmunk Adventure!! I thought of that andthe creators stole my idea!
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BomberdrawerHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Yumi-San1688Hobbyist General Artist
LOL!!!!! I love the Chipmunks, and this is hillarious~ I love it. :lmao:
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That's terrible! Lol. Love it.
And the new movie is ok. They're... not quiet the chipmunks you remember...
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LOL! that's great! the movie is great too! well...most people plus me say so...mostly the people who hate it are the people who never saw it.
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Sugar-High-OtakuHobbyist General Artist
rofl YES.
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