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reversed EF lens macro setup

this is the setup with my canon 10D and homemade EF-mount to lens thread adapter...

i used a 12mm kenko tube (which i can still reassemble) for the mounts and contacts, old computer cable and plugs (to connect to the mount contacts without soldering), a piece of polystyrol plate, saved micro screws and a film canister for the rest...
cost without counting the kenko tube and 55mm to 58mm to 55mm to 77mm thread adapters (which i can all use separately): 2 euro =)

fruit fly

ugly bastard


EDIT: meanwhile, novoflex sells similar gadgets, but mine was first :p
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Where did you buy the parts? Do you have a assembly guide for it?
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no guide, sorry
but basically, all you need is to take apart an automatic macro tube, connect the opposing contacts with longer wire instead of the internal connections, and fix a filter thread to one end ;)
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Man,you are a genius...I never thought of using the computer cable to connect the contacts from one to another end, really nice idea.

You should probably start making this and sell on ebay,haha
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i browsed for "reversed lens" and this one came the first in results.

i admire the innovative & improvise :thumbsup:
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why dont you just buy a threaded connector that connects to the body and the front of the lens?

what is the point of all this?
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the point is to be able to control the aperture
on the canon EF system, you can only set it on the camera body, so you need the electronic connection

there is a low tech trick to lock any aperture setting in the lens when taking it off the body (mount lens normally, set aperture, push dof previev button, take of the lens with the preview button still pushed) but in the field that's too much hassle when chasing nervous bugs ;)
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Faved... to keep it for reference. Great idea... wow :)
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hello , how to buy this reversed tools please ?!!!
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VERY VERY Nice! I like the technical skill of you :)
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:clap: Very very nice, good project for the winter.
I will try to make one.

Have you seen my flash setup ?
Have a look: [link]

Together it might be a perfect mpe-65 + Twinlight 24EX beater !
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haha, now that's a nice bastard =D
and seems to work pretty well, are those full frames in your gallery?

but i'm not sure if you need to make an inversion adapter like mine, i don't think it will give you more magnificaton than you already have
i built this thing before i had my 100mm macro lens, but now i only use the 100mm plus extension tubes
and the inverted 17-40mm lens i used is of course not as sharp as the macro
do you know how much magnification you can get with your setup?
i think i'll try it myself and compare ;)
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Most of my pictures are full frame, some are cropped but only 20% or so.

When I use a 100mm macro + reversed 50.
Magnification is 2:1 when i set the 100mm to 1:3 (i get a bit of weird corners then)
And 3:1 when i set the 100mm to 1:1.
The downside is that the working distance is very small, less than an 2 cm.

I tried to handhold a 50mm reversed on my body just to see what happened.
At 2cm from the body, magnification is almost 1:1,5.
When i move it about 10-15cm away i get 3:1.
The good thing is that the working distance is about 5cm, much better then when i use the 100+50.
I am thinking of making a sort of zoomlens, using bellows or two tubes.
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i think the magnification with the 50mm inverted is about the same as with the 100mm macro lens used normally, and with the macro lens you should have a better working distance, and it's also even sharper than the 50mm
with 60mm extension tubes i get 2:1
and i also want to use it with a bellows, but since an automatic bellows for the EF mount costs 500€ :-o, i bought a manual bellows and another 12mm extension tube on ebay and will combine them into an automatic one myself (i just haven't started working on it yet)
i don't just attach my inversion adapter, because it's too thick, and i want the bellows as slim as possible when retracted
my only concern with a bellows is sensor dust, but i guess changing multiple extension tubes in the field all the time isn't much better
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holy ..

Is something like this possable for a olypmus e300?

PM if yes please. :)
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christ! that's more lenses/mounts/rings than i've ever seen on one camera! even on two cameras!
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That's sick!!! =D You didn't settle for standard reverse lens system lol
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[link] -- about how far away do you have to be to take that picture?
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good question, i don't really remember, but since the flash cleared the top of the lens without shadowing i'd say somewhere around 30-40mm
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how do you get so close without them (your subjects) flying/going away?
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it looks like some sort of weapon/beam cannon or a cool assassin satellite in space. i am thuroughly amazed like everyone else and cant think of anything to say that hasnt been said :D haha
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must be very expensive eqiupment... havey too?
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homemade? great! you have to pay a lot for that if you buy it....
/me wants to have such a thing for his nikon!
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