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Current Residence: Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney

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Mamiya RB 67 Pro-S, Pentax K1000, Velvia 100F, Photoshop CS2
As per usual - another technical journal entry about the hardware I use for my photography. After watching a bunch of documentaries filled with vacuous rambling about the "emotion" and thought behind photography, while containing no practical information, I see my style as a good thing. I'm back on a decent monitor, a CRT, after being stuck on a cheap LCD for a few months. It's a good screen, and I've been able to calibrate the colours and levels to an acceptable level of accuracy. My scanner got fried during my move from Melbourne to Syndey, but the nice people at Maxwell Industries fixed it for free, as they extended the warranty. Lovely
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Little site related activity to report, aside from updating my brand. Now my phone, MSN, Livejournal and Deviant Art all have the same illustrated avatar. It's a bit pretentious, but it's fun. SO BACK OFF OK MAN. I might also blat my entire gallery, and start fresh, using a set frame template for my photos. The gallery looks a bit random at the moment. I've also learned a lot more about post production, so some of the earlier shots could use a bit of a redux. I've been shooting on 35mm again - having a TTL light metre is a big plus. My Mamiya really sucks for random shooting due to its lack of light metre. I also picked up a 80-200mm teleph
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6 months

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I've started taking photographs a bit more frequently, and some of my work photographs are starting to look a bit more interesting. It's been over six months since I updated my journal here. It doesn't particularly matter. It seems the average DeviantArt member is a 14 year old webcam jockey who submits mostly crappy paint.exe anime sketches of cartoon animals having sex as finished works of art. It seems to be the rational explanation for why the front page of DeviantArt mostly consists of images that would be considered too poor to use as a prop in Napoleon Dynamite. It's a long winded way of saying the signal to noise ratio here is so a
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Used Empty Green Tunnel in making an image posted on DeviantArt and Renderosity. Linked back to the picture on both pages.
I just wanted to let you know that I featured you in my journal, thanks!
very great gallery!!
I stumbled upon your work today and I must say I am delighted. Wonderful job.
Hello grae.
I was wondering if i may use you green tunnel picture for a photo-manipulation i am working on ??
Wake up and check your messages! Important info, Aussie! :(