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:+fav: Greetings and thanks, Olive !

Thank You very much for the recent :star:, my friend :)

This week is my one-year anniversary on Deviant Art. I learned a lot in that year.

Chief among my learning is that I produce things which aren't very useful or at all interesting to most dA users and visitors...don't take this the wrong way, but even with a DD very little attention came to me or to fractal artists generally as a result. Not crying, it's a scientific fact. Compare that to bazillions of interests paid to a lot of non-fractal DDs; indeed, some are great works in their media, yet many seem to need that "anybody could do that" element to find an audience.

I never came here to build numbers, I wanted to share with other artists and do things that help make all fractal art interesting to people and aspiring freeware artists. Not much interest in a year, not doing something right or probably necessary.

To be sure, a few dozen artists of assorted genres emrged as some of the most interesting, provocative, and inspirational people I've ever fact, they make up most of my watchers and recurring "fave" givers. You'll find them in my "Favourites" folders, as well as random talented people...check there if you want to see some really great stuff per genre. Oh, and only 20% or less of my llamas came from those llama list clubs...another sign of the times re interested users; I always returned one for people's kind gesture regardless of why received.

There further appear in the past year no more of those real "design something" contests auto makers, Hollywood, etcetera made dA renowned for; this does little to attract artists or aspiring/hobbyist artists; lessens even more my usefulness in being here.

Then there's the COVID-19 economic fiasco, especially here in the USA and I assure you with Nevada as a USA's not going to clear up for at least a year or two, as many media here say. I can imagine what more will happen here as we near the normal annual flu season and likely resurgent closures/layoffs. Here it is a special level of perdition, with most Reno landlords and mortgagors seeking only those on guaranteed, non-CARES-style traditional public aid/EIC, being quite nasty with those who aren't, including my own landlord at me after four years...he's a member of a prominent Nevada family, and actually said (though unbrokenly timely paid) that my wife, I, and all workers were a "pain in the a**, I'm not gonna see more things close and get stuck with any losers who don't have guaranteed State income!" sees why he's not the lawyer or politician in his family. Though his family is GOP, he bails ANTIFA rioters here while blaming Dems for them, his brother is City Attorney, uncle US Senator, grandpa Governor, cousin last prior Attorney General; and the owner next door...who runs Slovenly Records and puts on annual "Debauch-O-Reno" now helps run us off by having vicious dogs attack us...enough said? Went to new State AG about it, they're on glacial speed, COVID, you know...great help, as now supporter of that family, a massive State collections agency up street, has created a "glitch" to CRAs: we owe massive debt for years, you see, and nobody knows where we've lived for four years, agency tries to fix but "can't"...while landlord "doesn't respond" to our reference for residency; referred to even more glacial CFPB and FTC, COVID lack of staff, you see. Ah, the penalties for not obeying the sheer will of some power-monger to not immediately comply while always paying his rents...he likes grovelers, you see, never letting aid recipients he replaces workers with forget how much they need him.

Sometimes all you have are bad choices, but you still have to choose. Certain that dA will get by easily without me, and needing to devote all energy to my own survival, I have to leave dA...even if that means abandoning the occasional relief from stress through communicating with a few dozen terrific dA people.

Thank all of you with all my heart and sincerity who honored me with faves, llamas, a DD...and most importantly, your very kind words and sharing of your wonderful art. God bless each and every one of you, may He strengthen your talents and success.

Anyone who wants to remove me from faves and cancel watches should not feel bad at all about doing so; why have a well run dry clutter your watches? But I'll leave my faves and art and watches standing, so hopefully those who stumble into my dormant account will get a chance to refer to your great works.

Peace and happiness to all of you, my friends; I hope none of you ever has to experience what I have experienced in this life.

Thank You very much for the :star:

Thank You very much for the :star: and have a beautiful weekend :sun:Congratulations on the DD, my friend :highfive:

You're very welcome, and thank you also for your kind expression! :handshake:

I learned today that my fractal image "Tinctures" has been awarded a Daily Deviation; I am humbled by and most thankful to all those who like my art, as well as those involved in recommending, considering, and approving me for a DD. I hope that image and its comments help others on the way to their own DD's, cheers to all!