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Hey everyone!  :)

I know I have my simply rules pretty much everywhere, but these are my actual little list of rules;

:bulletblue: You must credit me when you use my stock, I would much rather my icon but my Dev link is fine. To credit me, simply copy & paste one of the following; :devGracies-Stock: OR :iconGracies-Stock:

:bulletblue: You must let me know when you've used my stock, even WIP's, Scraps and Details, you can note them to me or leave a comment on the photo/s you used. I prefer the second, because then I know exactly what's been used :)

:bulletblue: Stocks of my younger brother, puppies & my engagement ring can not be used in anything scary nor can they show the first two hurt in anyway. And also if you use a photo of my brother, I always show my Mum, so NO nudity please.. If you like, you can note her a link as she loves to see them; MumB

:bulletblue: My stocks CAN be used in DA prints,  just PLEASE always note me the print link so I can wishlist it or even grab myself a copy!

:bulletblue: My stocks are NOT to be used outside deviantart, in some cases I will agree, simply note me and ask me first - I'm pretty easy going, I haven't said no yet :giggle: UNLESS - I have given you permission before, then, in future, you are fine to do so again without asking. As long as you send along all links and show me here on DeviantArt.

:bulletblue: My stock can be used in anything at all, manips, digital art, traditional art, previews for poetry/prose.. I'm not fussy, even if you're a beginner or just playing with the tones/colours, I don't mind at all!

:bulletblue: If you use my stock as reference for a  traditional art piece, I do not mind those being sold, displayed outside of deviant, just let me know please.

Anything else, just ask!


© 2008 - 2022 Gracies-Stock
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I was hoping to use you stock as pose reference for YCH's or Your-Character-Here's 

Depending on the post there may be nudity that I don't feel comfortable putting up on dA so normally I put them up on tumblr. is that alright?
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Hey. I plan on using your stock for art references and to sell those as your OC here. Is it okay? I also wanted to check if I could use it at furaffinity. I'm a furry artist and that's where I get the most attention. I post here as well, just wanted to ask. =)
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Hello there.  May I have your permission to use your stock ("Portrait With Gun") outside of dA, mainly in Tumblr? You will be credited for the image,both by name and the mention will link to the deviation itself.
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if its ok with you i might use your stock as pose references for my drawings for a fan fic im writing on quotev
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These are really reasonable rules :)
blaid210's avatar
After trying about 7 different backgrounds, finally came across this one of yours that worked perfectly!
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What about commercial use?
thomasmulder's avatar

I used one of your stocks, Here is the link: [link]
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can your stocks be used for contests?
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I just dropped in to thank you for the use of one of your backgrounds. :thumb136773646:
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I've looked through your stocks and they're gorgeous. I'm just wondering if I can use them for an art competition? Thanks in advance!
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Thanks :) & Sure as long as you show me
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thanks for great stocks, using sometimes for drawing reference, and sketches posted at my blog, got a link up to you for creds.

[link] if your itnerested :)
bellsflorals's avatar
:wave: I've used your stock here [link] :iconthankyouplz:
SusanMellen's avatar
I used your stock: [link]

in this deviation: [link]

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you are the first stock-artist I see who has a point about traditional art (last one) :heart:
I love you for this!
I always see this 'only DA' and I don't always have time to ask what they have in mind when it is traditional art...

Thank you very much!
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Aww you're welcome :glomp:!
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i was wondering if i could use your picture for an art project in my school. im going to put it into photo shop and add my own stuff to it and eventually put it into deviantart when it is all done. i will give you complete credit for your picture. may i use it please? :)
Gracies-Stock's avatar
Sure as long as I get to see it :)
runswithbunnies's avatar
omg thank you! once i am done with it i will upload it into da.
Gracies-Stock's avatar
Hehe no worries :)
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Hi, used your stock here [link]
Gracies-Stock's avatar
Anytime, thanks! :)
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