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Hello Everyone! :wave:

:new: Requests are currently CLOSED until I fulfill the ones I have! :faint:

Comments which are hidden on this journal are simply the ones i've responded to, so I can save myself confusion :)

Okay, I do take requests, i've been asked many times and have tried my best to full fill them everytime!

Models I have on hand;

Myself, Female, 19
Samuel, Male, 9
Eli, Female, 19
& On request, Jess, Female, 17

I also have dogs & cats and;
Object/nature/places/etc are easily done!

Either note me your request, or leave a comment here :)


Requests In Que:

For: DestinieKirby - Arms reaching from above - birds eye view

For: ovatsug16 - Anatomy

For: FULGOREY2K - Poses for transformation pieces

For: Bushimon - More tied up & bound

For: mmpratt99 - Forest Background / Elves n Fairies / Hunting

For: :deAnGeLdEviL90: - Portraits

For: geomexia - Unique Perspective / Composition & Group Shots

For: hydra2007 - 70's Crime Scene

For: Moondustdreams - Vintage 1800's or 1920's

For: l1ghtstr1ker - Nudes

For: l1ghtstr1ker - Looking at hands/feet/lower torso/backside with a surprised/angered expression

For: garybwatts - Poses to be used in a crowd - Looking at watch, walking away, carrying suitcases

For: thunderwrath - School girl at desk

For: somestuff - Cartoony Tied Up & Bound

For: somestuff - Climbing, sitting in a tree. A Girl running towards the camera. And hanging/playing around

For: allover1331 - Crime Scene

For: miguel-narayan - Close ups of face, with expressions, head tilt & tears.

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Realy llike your stock! um, jw, don't mean to intrude or anythingm, but will you ever have Requests up again? jw.
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wen will u b taking request??
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Not sure as yet, sorry
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thats ok. thank you for replying.
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Can't wait to see what's in store! :D
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No worries hun, i've added it :D
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