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Well, everyone has been talking about costume swaping so here is my journal about it! :D

First off, here are some props/costume I can lend if anyone would like:

Costumes Available For Swap

Funky Pants
My Funky Pants Stock 2 by Gracies-Stock

Queen Dress
Purple Crazy Queen 44 by Gracies-Stock

80's Dress And/Or Shoes
Eighties Glam 7 by Gracies-Stock

White Dress
New White Dress Stock 7 by Gracies-Stock

Yellow Top
The Angle Of Life 14 by Gracies-Stock

Pink Fairy Skirt
Pink 5 by Gracies-Stock

Maid Marion Costume
Maid Marion - Sitting 4 by Gracies-Stock

Black Mask
Girl In Mask 7 by Gracies-Stock

8 Piece Christmas Costume
Christmas - Sitting Poses 3 by Gracies-Stock

Green Dress
(Please note, sash tied around middle and pink skirt falling from bottom are NOT part of dress)
Full Body - Green - Standing 3 by Gracies-Stock

Alice In Wonderland Costume
AIW - Full Body 3 by Gracies-Stock

Little White Dress
Little Fairy Girl 06 by Gracies-Stock

Red Riding Hood Costume
Little Red Riding Hood 01 by Gracies-Stock

Purple Crazy Queen 30 by Gracies-Stock

Olden Day Dress
Flying And Falling 04 by Gracies-Stock

Queen Dress

White Tie Up Top

Fake Butterfly
Portraits With Butterflies 02 by Gracies-Stock

Mermaid Top And Skirt

Blue Dress
Blue Dress Girl 09 by Gracies-Stock

Elegance Set
Girl In Chair Side View 02 by Gracies-Stock

White Top And Skirt

Gypsy Top
Stock Pack -Gypsy Girl by Gracies-Stock

Silky Top

If you see anything in my gallery which is not listed here, just ask :) And not all my costumes or props are listed here as yet, some I still have to take photos in :hug:

Costumes I've Already Lent (Or In Process)

Sent - Olden Day Dress to faestock
Sent - Alice In Wonderland Costume to oibyrd & oibyrdsMan

Costumes I've Already Borrowed (Or In Process)

Recieved - Ballet Costume from faestock

I love this sort of thing, so let me know if you're interested :hug:

Gracie xox

Thumbs From Swaps!

Ballet Costume From faestock
Ballet - In The Garden 9 by Gracies-Stock

faestock Wearing My Olden Day Dress

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sd-stock's avatar
I will someday have to borrow the Alice and the Olden Day dresses. I love them so much! :love:
Gracies-Stock's avatar
Sure! :D Do you allow your costumes to be lent too? I'd be happy to send em off to you!
sd-stock's avatar
Well first I'd need to get money for packaging and shipping and whatnot.
But I really should make a picture index of all the stuff I have. (I've got some pretty dresses! And wings!)
Gracies-Stock's avatar
Let me know when/if you'd like to borrow anything then hun :)
eli-stock's avatar
:giggle: i will ave to try n do some stock with ur costmes soon. if seth cooperates ans gives me the time.
Gracies-Stock's avatar
:O You're ON!!!!!!!!!!! Get in chat missy! :glomp:
eli-stock's avatar
Gracies-Stock's avatar
ARGH I keep missing u! :(
Della-Stock's avatar
What sizes are the Maid Marion and the Queen dresses?

I would love the black mask. I'm not sure what I have to swap though

I live in FL US. Where are you located?
Gracies-Stock's avatar
Which Queen dress sorry hun? I have a few :) The Maid Marion is size 12 but the fabric is strechy or if you're smaller, there is a tie around the waist :)

I'd happily lend the mask if you wanted, i'm in Tasmania/Australia but I don't mind sending it :hug:
Della-Stock's avatar
I'm not sure if how the sizes work is different or not. I would love to swap something for the mask, I just need to find something to swap. I have a really cool 70s retro dress that I wouldn't mind loaning out. And I have a size 6 little black cocktail dress. (you seem really small in the photos)

Polyester Jumpsuit it's so ugly that it's fun
60s Embroidered Linen Dress
Six 6 Express Dress The dress on me... I'm much too big
Gracies-Stock's avatar
I really like the 60s Embroidered Linen Dress :)
Gracies-Stock's avatar
I love the 60s Embroidered Linen Dress :D
Della-Stock's avatar
If you would like to do a loan trade (that's an actual vintage piece that I got from an old friend who's husband just died, so it has a lot of meaning to me, even though I can't wear it)
Gracies-Stock's avatar
Yeah i'd love to :) Note me about it more okies? :heart:
shelldevil's avatar
Cool idea, spech if someones the same size.
Gracies-Stock's avatar
Yeah tis losta fun, you can share props/etc too :)
Lisajen-stock's avatar
costume swap?
... how does that work?
i mean.... it's costing us 20$ to send out a costume to the US/AU ...?
Gracies-Stock's avatar
Well you both find something you'd like to borrow from one another and then send them.. I payed postage to send my dress to *faestock and she paid to send the Ballet costume, it's half and half :)
Lisajen-stock's avatar
hmm. we'll think about it ...
Gracies-Stock's avatar
Ah okies, what confuses you?
Lisajen-stock's avatar
i dunno.. i think it is still a lot of money.
it would cost me 40$ for a one time swap :faint: i can get a new dress for that money.
(shipping my dress, then shipping the other dress back)
I think it is a great idea if the two stock artists live in america. :)
Gracies-Stock's avatar
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