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proud to be a stock women by dheks

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Hey everyone!!

Well contest results are finally in!!


By bitchinblack


Passion And The Dark Lord by Smudgeproof
By Smudgeproof


Drowning in hope by Wirage
By Wirage

Congrats to all the winners! Prizes will be given out accordingly! :D Details of those can be found here:…


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seductivebyatchstock's avatar
Congrats to the winners.
I will start my features tonight!
Palandurwen's avatar
wow - yes - I think you've done the right choice - these pictures are so nice - of course there were many many other pic's which were also nice ^^

congratulations to all of us and of course to our winner's :clap:

question - is there something like a top ten list?
Gracies-Stock's avatar
Thanks hun :D

It was hard to choose! :faint: ^^;

Sorry no there isn't, voting and judging was done privately
Palandurwen's avatar
ok .... I have just asked beacuse I wanted to know if I was very bad or in the good middle, you know?
I want to bnecome better and better and so, I'd like to know what I can do better ^^

but it's ok that it's privately done ^^ no problem :hug:
Gracies-Stock's avatar
I loved your work :)
Palandurwen's avatar
Gracies-Stock's avatar
Smudgeproof's avatar
Thanks a bunch! :heart: :glomp: I am just elated. This has just totally brightened my spirits over what's been a rather terrible past few days.
Gracies-Stock's avatar
You're welcome hun :D I'm glad I was able to :) Your work was amazing, it deserved it! Have fun with all the prizes :D
Smudgeproof's avatar
I am sure I will. Yours was the first contest I entered so I'm like woah with all the wonderful stuff! The subs are great but so is the exposure and stocks!! =)
bitchinblack's avatar
Thank you so much!!! :hug:
Gracies-Stock's avatar
You're welcome!! :glomp:
FantasyStock's avatar

All the art in this contest was really amazing, and choosing winners wasn't easy. Thanks for participating!!


Best wishes!
Gracies-Stock's avatar
It was amazing wasn't it?

Glad you're back hunny, missed you! :D
FantasyStock's avatar
Yes, indeed!!
I missed you too!! :glomp: Thanks for everything!
Gracies-Stock's avatar
:hug: :hug: Always welcome sweetie :aww:
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