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Colored headshot (no background)
Headshot only, okay. If your OC has long hair, I will have to cut it at some point. Color pencils are expensive.
Two characters in one sheet (headshot sketch)
I realize it was difficult for some to drop in two orders using the widget, so here's specific button for couple sketch commissions. :)
Plain pencil headshot sketches
Anime style only. I may refuse certain requests if they are too specific or too complicated. I don't have the energy to negotiate.


Hi guys, I am currently recovering from the flu. Wow, the weather's been really cold lately, hasn't it? I hope no one else is sick and that everyone's doing great! I'll get back to commissions as soon as I can. Here's the queue:

1. Emayax - 1 sketch
2. Fyoriosity - 1 sketch
3. Vanity-Pridas - 2 sketches
4. Dream-Paint - 2 sketches
5. WonderlandsLostOne - 1 sketch
6. pelle131313 - 2 sketches
7. RizaKiryu - 2 sketches
This lovely original bishie character is owned and commissioned by VampireSiberian
OC by Rodjim
I was told I could draw her however I please, so I kinda clothed her with the ensemble I'm planning to wear for my aunt's wedding next week. I don't know if I can pull it off as lovely as this character did here, but I just love it on her. :)
Rix (WIP)
Lineart of VampireSiberian's character Rix, to be colored.

There is nothing here but anxiety

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 19, 2017, 8:36 PM
What do I wake up everyday for? I don't have the energy to think about answers, but the question lingers. I hate myself for thinking that everyone hates me 24/7. It's a lie, I know. It's something in my head. I'm tired of braving the days, and the conversations, and the commitments, and the have-to-show-up's, and the I'm-no-good's. I don't want to die. I just don't want to exist for a while, if it will give me some peace of mind. Is that even possible?


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