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An End
There was a loud boom. Before Hades knew it, the Underworld had exploded. About two minutes ago, the explosion had started somewhere in the Elysium Fields and quickly expanded from there. It even startled Narcissus from staring at his pulchritudinous self as he disappeared.
As Hades disintegrated into dust, he smiled. He’ll be back soon.
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Jeweler's Watch
Seed beads, focus beads, polished stones, pliers, and all different gauges of wire lay strewn across the desk. The jeweler sighed, fingering a pair of straight nosed pliers. She had her work cut out for her today.
One week ago, she took on a commission for a very prestigious client on a whim: to make him three matching sets of necklaces and earrings. That wasn't the hard part. The hard part was that he wanted each one of them to use a certain item in their design, specifically tree rings, fossils, and hourglasses. She took the commission without a second thought, especially since the amount he was offering in return would pay for supplies for a year. But unfortunately, that nice shiny price tag was starting to wear thin. Only one of the sets were done, and the other two were due tomorrow evening.
She searched through her file of possible designs again, desperate to find something, ANYTHING, that she could use as a base. Yet again, she found nothing that she felt she could use.
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The Statue
A lone stone statue stood sentry over the wide expanse of grass. Its base and legs were overgrown with moss and climbing vines, with small cracks starting to show. Yet, it just stood there, paying the vines no mind.
Right below its base, a rabbit warren lay. The mother had just had a litter, and the twelve bouncing baby bunnies had caused the statue to be askew. But still, the statue paid them no mind.
Occasionally, a couple rushing through would stop and snap a picture with the statue in its outstretched arms. Over time, this had caused its arms to be discolored and worn down. And even still, the statue paid them no mind, solely focused on being a silent sentinel for a wide expanse of grass.
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Dragon Diplomacy
Adnette dictated her message into the machine, pressed the send button, and watched as it disappeared, off on its way across the world to her colleague living in China. She waited for the “ding” signifying that it made it, and went on to make tea for herself while waiting for Jacques' reply.
On the other side of the world, Jacques was woken up by a “ding” on his instant telegraph. He lumbered his way over, dragging his hind legs and tail. Yawning, he burnt a few leaves on a nearby tree. He plopped himself down on the hard rock floor and tore the piece of paper off the instant telegraph and read Adnette's message. It was about the potential of human-dragon diplomatic relationships. Clicking his tongue, he remembered all the times he was poked in the bum by little kids wanting to be like the knights of old. Reason he moved from France to China. They respected him here.
He nosed the dictate button and rambled on a bit on how dragons were all spread out without a st
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Warmth Lost
The tiny kitten looked longingly into the sky, raindrops splashing onto his face. Normally, he would have retreated into the safety of his mother's warmth, but that was far away now. Sitting down on the cold wet concrete, he looked plaintively at the rushing throng of humans, hoping that one of them would take pity on him and rush him home to a quiet warm den without worry of starvation or of bloodthirsty ferals. He let out a quiet pleading mew. And yet, none of the towering humans bothered to even look.
Except a tiny little human, who had saw him and was dragging a larger human behind them. It let out squeals of obvious delight, while the larger human tried to pull away. The kitten opened itself up to the somewhat sudden cuddles, knowing that this little human was a gateway to safety.
Unfortunately, he wasn't able to win over the larger one, because it uttered very displeased grunts, and then it pulled the now crying little human away. The kitten tried to follow, but the pair of human
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The Possibilities of Duct Tape
Frank Wills tore the piece of duct tape off the door. It had no reason for being there, so it had to go. Tossing the piece of tape into a garbage can, he continued on with his nightly patrol.
About thirty minutes later, upon the very same door, rested yet another piece of duct tape. Sensing something was wrong, he rushed down to the lobby to call the police.
Little did he know at the time, but he had found something that led to one of the most notable scandals in the 20th century: Watergate.
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New Person, Old Friend
Years passed since the last time Lousia saw her once-closest friend Janet, who was now sitting in front of her. A decade had changed the two of them greatly. Lousia, who would once spend hours upon hours just trying to make sure each letter in a written report was perfect, now would simply let each word be its own character and roam free. Janet had become a perfectionist, a far cry from the laidback freestyle poet she was back in high school. Seeing each other was like looking into a mirror reflecting their past selves.
They talked at length about what had happened to each of them over the years, but the subject soon grew weary as each soon ran out of new things to tell. Even on their favorite subject, writing, the two of them got bored of quickly, because of a pair of now hard set beliefs that opposed each other and were not willing to give.
Interests they once shared, now  separated by different tastes. Inside jokes once chuckled about, now fell flat with little noise. Petty squ
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The paladin walked into the item shop. Like many others, the items were overpriced, and they would buy anything, but only at an extremely low price. But the odd thing about this one, was that it was run by a little girl and a fairy. An unlikely set of people to own and run an item shop, but they made it work.
He was someone the owners would often contract to run dungeon for them, but that didn't stop the little girl from begging him to buy the ham sandwich for 6000 gold pieces (it was a goshdarn sandwich, for goodness sakes) because she had to keep a roof over her head. And anytime he tried to sell anything for more than a measly 100 gold, the fairy would glare at him. And angry fairies were bad. They might be tiny and adorable most of the time, but he had his share of accidentally infuriating fairies who would then chase him out of town wielding weapons that they shouldn't be able to even carry.
Today, he saw that this shop was selling lots and lots of swords, and very high quality on
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A Fancy of Superheroes
The sun rose on yet another dreary day in a small discouraged kingdom, where its sole ruler, Princess Ducinda reigned half-heartedly. For nigh on 20 years she ruled, with nary a helper or partner. And every day in her kingdom was rife with the plottings and schemes of villainous masterminds, making fighting against hordes of minions a part of every citizen's daily life. The only ray of hope the people had were the superheroes who would pop up occasionally and defeat the current villain terrorizing the kingdom. That, in the very least, would give the kingdom a brief respite, before the next villain would pop up. Many of these superheroes would come and go, but there were a handful that stayed around.
Two of these, Princess Ducinda had a special interest in. They were Flame Cleric and Spectre Spear. She would often invite them to an evening meal, but while Spectre Spear always accepted, Flame Cleric always rejected, saying that he had other things to do then. And every time, Spectre woul
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Flash Fiction Day 2016
**Edit: Just to let everyone know, I started at midnight Central Standard Time.**
Shifting from one foot to another, Lucy stared down the long, narrow hallway. At the end, there was a door, begging to be opened. She turned to Sebastian and asked, "What does the map say?"
Sebastian snapped up from checking the ground for edible plants. He unfurled the map with a flourish, and checked. "It says that there's a swarm of very strong monsters behind that door. I'd advise that we avoid that area and just head back to town. Our bags are all full, and we're almost out of healing salves. And I'm pretty sure Debby can't heal in her condition." He looked over at Debby unconscious in Quincy's arms.
Debby woke up and gave a weak thumbs up. She moaned "I'm PERFECTLY fiiiiiineee..." and then collasped back into Quincy's arms.
Lucy toyed with her wand a bit. "So I guess that means I should use my return bell and then--"
She was cut off as Tina, the party's hotheaded swordswo
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Well, I didn't complete FFM, that's for sure. But I thought I should let everyone know what I'm planning to do in the very near future, plus about random stuff that's been happening to me recently.
First off, I guess I should tell everyone: I'm starting to get back into drawing again. If you've seen my old stuff folder, you know I have done traditional art in the past (of questionable skill, but I drew). I did stop posting it after a while, though. I have drawn stuff off and on, but those were mostly just doodles and stuff I would draw in class (they're better than my older stuff, but ehhhh). For nigh on a year now, I've pretty much solely just used HeroMachine 3 for a lot of my art (will say though, it has really helped with learning how to pose and give variety to design). Unfortunately, I've been finding myself wanting to create more complex poses and designs that I'm having trouble creating in HM3 without lots and lots of trial and error, and even though I know for sure that some of the other people in the HM community can do a lot of stuff with HM3 that are just amazing, I've been missing the feeling I get when I'm drawing something on paper. But instead of my old completely traditionally drawn and colored method, I'm wanting to try something new. Specifically, drawing the sketch and base line-art traditionally, while coloring digitally. I'm currently at a loss on what program to use, though, so it might be a while before I can start. And no, this doesn't mean I'm abandoning the HM community, I'm just going to do more traditionally drawn/digitally colored art than HM3 art from now on, with random bits of writing popping up. I'm still planning on participating more in the HM community, so don't worry about that.
Okay, now that I finished talking about that, it's time for the more personal kind of stuff. Firstly, I'm trying to get a job. I'm still planning on going to college, but for right now I'm going to move when I want to start college to the spring semester. I'm still living with my parents, but I want to alleviate some of the financial pressure from my parents, and I also want to start being able to buy things on my own.
Also, as a final bit, my 3DS broke. One of the hinges broke off of the base. It still works, but I'm leaving it turned off because I don't want it to figuratively crash and burn. And my computer's charge cord's dying. Yaaaaay...
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am 18 years old and I like to draw, mess with HeroMachine, write, make jewelry, play video games, etc. I also have a little sister who is a little annoying, but is also sweet at times. I somehow got obsessed with traditional fans, but I also have a small obsession with cats. I write both poetry and prose, but I seem to be writing a lot of poetry recently. I go by Crystal and Grace.


:bulletblue: Btw, for my HeroMachine forum peeps, I'm Linea24. :bulletblue:

:bulletpurple: 3DS Friend Code: 4339-3435-5130 Name: Crystal :bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple: If you want to add me as a 3DS friend, just send me a note!:bulletpurple:

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