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Tfa OC Shadow by graceprime Tfa OC Shadow by graceprime
Shadow is my tfa OC I do not own tfa HASBRO does I only own my OC

Designation: Shadow
Gender: Femme
Vehicle Mode: Jaguar
Ability(s): Walks through walls, invisibility, telepathy, can move thing with her processor/mind, can float/fly (basically the powers of your standard ghost)
Friends: Sari, Blitzwing and Bumblebee
Secret Crush(?):Blitzwing

Bio: (Blitzwing has joined the Autobots in this)
Shadow was originally human. She is Sari's best human friend. Sari would allays tell the guys about how cool Shadow is (even though she has ghost like powers and is gothic/punk) and one day Optimus asked if Sari could bring her to the base so the could meet her. When Sari and Shadow arrived Shadow kind of scared the others, but they soon got used to her. One day the Autobots got a decepticon signal from Blitzwing and when they got there he said he wanted to join the Autobots. Optimus allowed him to join them and suggested that Blitzwing be her guardian, Shadow and Blitzwing happily agreed O.o (they became BFFs) . 2 weeks later the Elite Guard had come to check up on Optimus and his crew and all the Elite Guard (minus Sentinel) liked her. She scared the crap out of him and Sentinel Never said a cross word when she was around out of fear of what she might do to him(lol) . 1 day later at night everybot was woken from recharge by Shadows blood curling scream (oh no) when the got there (Blitzwing got there first) she was growing and her skin became metal. Ratchet thought she was offline because of her strange paint job but soon realized other wise when she told Blitzy to suck it up she's not dead (Blitzwing was always there to comfort her if she needed it). It took a month for her to realize she could alternate between organic and cybertronian. (Yay Shadow) and she was really happy and the first thing she did was get some ice-cream (lol).
If I get 7 or more good comments I will write some fanfics for Shadow ( note they will be or will lead up to be Shadow/Blitzwing) plz comment (I will soon do a human pic)
graceprime Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist
it says Blitzwing I don't know why theirs a face sry
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June 30, 2013
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