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The Phoenix Clan, Chapter 30
More Hard Times

    The cafeteria was noisy and bright. The smell of the food selection was heavy in the air. Today's lunch menu had a choice of either cream cheese or nut butter sandwiches with your choice of fruit spread on the side, or a bantha steak or thimiar cutlet. The side dishes included the usual tangberry salad, pasta salad, veggie salad, nerf liver and kale pie (which nobody liked), egg pie, bread and rolls, baked beans, squash chips, leaf chips, or root chips. For a drink you had a choice of water, milk, fruit juice or tea.
    There was always a great selection of food at Nimbi Academy. Such a diverse collection of students had diverse diets. Some were vegetarians, Some were carnivores, some were omnivores.
    Grace was a scavenger herself. She usually hung back and waited until the lunch line had already passed through before going into the kitchens to see what was left after the other students
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Modern School poem
My very best essay earned me a C, 
'cause I spelled some words incorrectly,
So you'd think that bad punctuation and grammar,
is cause to throw a kid in the slammer.
How can mathematicians find beauty in numbers? 
To me they're chaotic and math is a bummer.
And I barely know fractions, but once I start cruising,
We move on to something else far more confusing.
Why can't I learn anything from school?
Could it be I'm retarded? A slacker? A fool?
If there's a time I do learn something new,
It's that what they teach in history or science ain't true. 
Blood without oxygen is not blue, it's red,
And there's only eight planets 'cause Pluto is dead.
There's more than five senses, but what's really dumb is,
The USA was not discovered by Columbus!
George Washington didn't chop his dad's cherry tree,
Thomas Jefferson had slaves. How could it be?
Plus it's not just the curriculum they teach,
It's also the rules and lies that they preach.
If you just ignore that bully, he won't leave
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Kryptonite by GraceJediHeart Kryptonite :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 2 1 Blue crystal by GraceJediHeart Blue crystal :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 1 0 White Crystal by GraceJediHeart White Crystal :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 1 0 Milky Way by GraceJediHeart Milky Way :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 12 1 Going Home by GraceJediHeart Going Home :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 2 1 Dying Light by GraceJediHeart Dying Light :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 3 0
Nitpicking on Pocahontas
I have to say that one of my favorite pieces of fanfiction is Disney's Pocahontas. Wait a minute. Why am I calling that beautifully animated masterpiece of bad American history fanfiction? 
Well, I like to poke fun at Pocahontas because it's not just obvious fanfiction, it's also the really crazy, twisted, unrealistic type of fanfiction that was somehow done really well. It was done so well in fact that you just can't help but love it. It was also one of my favorite Disney movies when I was a kid. 
It's pretty much an alternate universe where the settlers were a bunch of foolish guys following their greedy asshole governor to the new world just to go looking for gold, not religious freedom, and the natives were really nice people who were in touch with Mother Earth and all that... except for the chief Powhatan who always talked down at Pocahontas and Kokoum (Pocahontas's future husband) who was a stuck up jerk. 
Our main characters John and Pocahontas are tweaked beyond
:icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 2 5
No Fair Summer. by GraceJediHeart No Fair Summer. :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 8 3 A Potential Risk by GraceJediHeart A Potential Risk :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 7 0 Warm May Evening by GraceJediHeart Warm May Evening :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 3 1 Tropical Dreams by GraceJediHeart Tropical Dreams :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 3 3 Fanciful by GraceJediHeart Fanciful :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 3 0 Back to Reality by GraceJediHeart Back to Reality :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 6 0 Half Dipped with Sparkles. by GraceJediHeart Half Dipped with Sparkles. :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 1 1
Welcome to my gallery. Please, feel free to look around. I'm a varied artist and I like to do a little bit of everything, but it's mostly doodles, photos, costumes, and toys. My favorites are the unicorns and the drawings of my Star Wars OCs, the Phoenix Clan.

Random Favourites

Here's just a few of the things I like. It's just the tip of the iceberg though. I'd also like to say thanks to the artists who made these and shared them online so I could see them, you're all really wonderful.
Since my aunt is moving she gave me back Starhorn. Now I have to find a place to store her. 

It it was a crazy adventure getting my bike back here because Aunt Ann also emptied her pantry on us too and I'm not going to say no to free food and Tupperware. There wasn't much room in her little Toyota PT convertible so the best way we had to move Starhorn and all the food from her place to mine was to put the top down and heave the bike and all the bags into the back seat. It was supposed to be a nice day, but guess what happened on the way home. 

:thunder: Thor standing in the rain 

We got caught in a thunderstorm with the top down. It was raining big fat drops like bullets and me, my aunt, my bike, her car, and all the food got soaked. 

We we had to haul everything up to my apartment in trips. Mom wasn't too happy because she had gone shopping earlier that day and brought home a ton of food, so now we have more than we need. 

It it was an exciting day. Something worth remembering because it makes a great story to tell.
  • Listening to: Classic rock
  • Eating: Turkey sandwich and potato chips.
  • Drinking: Diet cola


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I was born and raised in California now I'm living in new England. I really like arts and crafts because, with a little time and patience you can create something that makes people say "Wow, how did you do that?" it's almost like a magic trick, but it can be so much more. My teachers tried to tell me that art is nothing but hard work and dedication, my parents tried to tell me that art is just a bunch of paint and doodles, the emo kids told me that art is suffering... But I'm like Bob Ross in a way. Art is whatever you want it to be. I like to have fun with my work.
I'm a little bit geeky, a little strange, a tad emo, and I have a little redneck in me too. I can be a bit of a weirdo, but that's better than being boring. Once in a while my sense of humor takes a turn to the Dark Side. I am a rebel at heart. I can fit in many places but theres no true social group for an oddball like me. I don't command respect but I refuse to be disrespected.

Grace Jediheart's Laws for Art Requests.

1) Your first request will be for free, but you'll have to pay if you want more from me.

2) Drawing for you is a burden to carry, so don't be surprised because results may vary.

3) Things I don't normally draw might be ok, but be patient they won't be finished in one day.

4) Asking for extra details is fine, but that'll require extra time.

5) Requests for porn will be ignored.

6) If too much gore shows the answer is no.

7) If anything that makes me cringe is expected, I'm sorry but your request will be rejected.

8) I don't mind if my work is shared, but give me credit to show you care.

9) If you make this artist too annoyed, your art request is null and void.
Other random facts about me:
I like building things, painting and drawing, telling stories and jokes, and goofing off. My favorite animal is the unicorn. I sell Avon products (if you want some cologne or face cream check out my site). I'm nuts about Star Wars. I can mimic fart sounds really well.


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