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My Bio

I was born and raised in California now I'm living in new England. I really like arts and crafts because, with a little time and patience you can create something that makes people say "Wow, how did you do that?" it's almost like a magic trick, but it can be so much more. My teachers tried to tell me that art is nothing but hard work and dedication, my parents tried to tell me that art is just a bunch of paint and doodles, the emo kids told me that art is suffering... But I'm like Bob Ross in a way. Art is whatever you want it to be. I like to have fun with my work.

I'm a little bit geeky, a little strange, a tad emo, and I have a little redneck in me too. I can be a bit of a weirdo, but that's better than being boring. Once in a while my sense of humor takes a turn to the Dark Side. I am a rebel at heart. I can fit in many places but theres no true social group for an oddball like me. I don't command respect but I refuse to be disrespected.

Grace Jediheart's Laws for Art Requests.

1) You‘ll get one request for free. Just one request, not two or three.

2) Drawing for you is a burden to carry, so don't be surprised because results may vary.

3) Things I don't normally draw might be ok, but be patient they won't be finished in one day.

4) Asking for extra details is fine, but that'll require extra time.

5) Requests for porn will be ignored.

6) If too much gore shows the answer is no.

7) If anything that makes me cringe is expected, I'm sorry but your request will be rejected.

8) I don't mind if my work is shared, but give me credit to show you care.

9) If you make this artist too annoyed, your art request is null and void.


Other random facts about me:

I like building things, painting and drawing, telling stories and jokes, and goofing off. My favorite animal is the unicorn. I sell Avon products (if you want some cologne or face cream check out my site). I'm nuts about Star Wars. I can mimic fart sounds really well.

Favourite Visual Artist
Bob Ross
Favourite Movies
Star Wars, Harry Potter, the Last Unicorn, Bruice Almighty, Quest for Camilot,
Favourite TV Shows
America's Funniest Home Videos, Star Wars the Clone Wars,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Five for Fighting, the Frey, Owl City, Nickelback, The Eagles, John Denver, Celine Dion.
Favourite Books
Harry Potter, the Summer of the Swans, Holes, Treasure Island, Ramona the Pest, the Strange case of Origami Yoda,
Favourite Games
Scrabble, scavenger hunts, chess, bejeweled, angry birds, gin rummy, and a few others.
Tools of the Trade
Assorted paper, accryllic paints, assorted brushes, crayons, colored pencils, an exacto blade, fabric, glue, rhinestones, buttons, needles & thread, scissors, feathers, glitter, sculpey clay, floral wire, beads, and anything that interests me.
This time the target my poor little doggie… Jitterbug is having a bad time right now because I noticed that some of the freckles on his belly were moving. When I got closer I realized that we’ve got a serious situation here. Yep, my favorite little pet peeve has fleas. So, we just had to drop sixty bucks on flea shampoo, carpet spray, frontline, all that stuff to get those bugs off my bug and out of our house. Thank goodness this problem, though annoying, is fixable.
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Lucky me, I got my Covid shot today. I'll admit, I was really nervous. I’m a total wuss when it comes to needles and I don’t have much pain tolerance. All morning up until the moment, my heart was going crazy. I could feel it beating in my fingertips, and in my throat. I could hear it in my ears. I’ve had rubatosis before and it can be really bad sometimes when I’m stressed out and have a tension headache, but it’s usually just what it is... I can hear and feel my own heartbeat. The really awesome thing about this time though is that, I kind of liked it. I felt as if my heart was telling me 'I know you’re feeling emotionally weak right now, so I’m going to keep fighting for you.' For a brief moment, it almost felt like my heart, my own wonderful heart, was as strong and kind as Superman. Speaking of which, I think I figured out the recurring Superman dreams I’ve been having since February. Earlier this year I was feeling like total shit. I missed my Grandma and my Dad, I
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Well darn... maybe I’m just destined to go through life hopping from one random obsession to another. I thought maybe this one was a fluke but after giving it some time it hasn’t left my mind so I guess it’s going to be a part of me now. A few weeks ago I had this really detailed dream about Superman where he was going to save us from a large meteor which turned out to be sort of a geode with a kryptonite center. Anyway the meteor came apart entering the atmosphere and both Superman and his dog Krypto were exposed to it with Superman getting the worst and all he could do in the last moment was steer it away from the city and into the woods. I was camping there. Krypto came up to me in the woods and showed me where half of the meteor landed and shattered and Superman was lying unconscious there right in the middle of it. I realized my phone was dead and I couldn’t call for help, so I tried to get Superman out of there myself. After dragging him out of the crater and away from all the
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Thanks for this llama badge. May I introduce myself to you?

And thank you for your llama and the faves.

Anytime. May I introduce myself to you?

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Thanks for the favs on

Superman and Wonder Woman

And thanks for posting it. That’s a great pic and a great pose.