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Penguin Nativity by GraceJediHeart Penguin Nativity :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 5 1 Fishy Doodle by GraceJediHeart Fishy Doodle :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 3 0 Just a Barn by GraceJediHeart Just a Barn :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 2 0 Gel Pen Unicorn by GraceJediHeart Gel Pen Unicorn :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 3 0 Gracie's Ark by GraceJediHeart Gracie's Ark :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 0 0 Winter Moon by GraceJediHeart Winter Moon :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 9 7 Christmas Eve by GraceJediHeart Christmas Eve :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 18 12
How my Aunt Stole Solstice
     Brace yourself! The Holidays are coming!
     There's a whole spectrum of attitudes towards the Holidays. It ranges from Grinch to Buddy the Elf. On one end of the spectrum you've got the haters, who as we know, are gonna hate. On the other end you've got people who are jacked up on holiday spirit and in serious need of a chill pill. Both extremes can be as annoying as heck so I try to keep my attitude away from both extremes, but I sometimes lose it and find myself swinging between them. 
     Mom and I got into a conversation about the holidays recently and we remembered when we spent our first Christmas on the east coast after moving from California to Massachusetts, and living with my evil aunt for our first year. 
     The running joke Mom and I have about my Aunt Ann being evil comes from the fact that my aunt can be smug, selfish, and a little bit bigoted to say the least. She thinks she's accepting of ev
:icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 1 0
Snow Falls by GraceJediHeart Snow Falls :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 13 12 Fading Sunlight by GraceJediHeart Fading Sunlight :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 11 6 Cranky Lit Up by GraceJediHeart Cranky Lit Up :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 3 5 Cranky Pumpkin by GraceJediHeart Cranky Pumpkin :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 2 3 Don't You Worry by GraceJediHeart Don't You Worry :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 5 3 Twins by GraceJediHeart Twins :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 4 0 Fiery Branches by GraceJediHeart Fiery Branches :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 5 0 Rainbow reflections by GraceJediHeart Rainbow reflections :icongracejediheart:GraceJediHeart 4 0
Welcome to my gallery. Please, feel free to look around. I'm a varied artist and I like to do a little bit of everything, but it's mostly doodles, photos, costumes, and toys. My favorites are the unicorns and the drawings of my Star Wars OCs, the Phoenix Clan.

Random Favourites

I can Hear Your Heartbeat... by 2souls1 I can Hear Your Heartbeat... :icon2souls1:2souls1 7 1 SMEEEEEEEE by Stay70573 SMEEEEEEEE :iconstay70573:Stay70573 4 3 Lingering Thoughts by KT-JadeBlaze Lingering Thoughts :iconkt-jadeblaze:KT-JadeBlaze 64 24 Rebel Pilot Uniform at Star Wars Exhibit 2013 by Lightsthroughshadow Rebel Pilot Uniform at Star Wars Exhibit 2013 :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 16 11 Rebel Helmets at Star Wars Museum Exhibit 2013 by Lightsthroughshadow Rebel Helmets at Star Wars Museum Exhibit 2013 :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 12 3 Carbonite Han Solo at Star Wars Exhibit 2013 by Lightsthroughshadow Carbonite Han Solo at Star Wars Exhibit 2013 :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 15 2 Darth Vader Costume at Star Wars Exhibit, 2013 by Lightsthroughshadow Darth Vader Costume at Star Wars Exhibit, 2013 :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 8 0 Slave Leia outfit at Ottawa Star Wars Exhibit 2013 by Lightsthroughshadow Slave Leia outfit at Ottawa Star Wars Exhibit 2013 :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 5 0 Sad Eeyore by Lightsthroughshadow Sad Eeyore :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 1 0 Remember this from the 1990's by Lightsthroughshadow Remember this from the 1990's :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 1 15 Onions -Rage Comic- by Albowtross91 Onions -Rage Comic- :iconalbowtross91:Albowtross91 42 11 Strike Two - for Firera by DarthFar Strike Two - for Firera :icondarthfar:DarthFar 127 154 Lisabeta guerrera by springheel Lisabeta guerrera :iconspringheel:springheel 5 2
Personifying Bodily Functions
I am there.
I wait, silently, for you. You know me, you have seen me, and you fear me without knowing why. I am the One who rides the light.
I am the wind that blows behind you, the eye in the shadows, the skeleton in the black cloak, the wind whipping the ragged edges of its garb, a scythe in its bony hand, hollows that have never seen eyes and an eternal, grim and remorseless grin.
I am Death, and we will meet one day.
I am there.
I wait beneath the surface. We have met before, and the meeting was not pleasant for you, and you may be assured that I will return one day. I am the One who breaks the gate.
I am the storm that rests in the air, the mattock pounding upon the rockface, the woman in fluttering scarves who pushes through the crowd, not caring for those whom she shoves aside, eyes staring straight forwards, and if you grab her, impede her, she will stop, turn and scream until your ears are rent.
I am Tears, and I will not be denied.
I am there.
I am within you, ready to move.
:icon4scarface4:4ScarfAce4 2 4
What Are You Doing? by EmilieBomb What Are You Doing? :iconemiliebomb:EmilieBomb 46 37 Don't Even Think About It by EmilieBomb Don't Even Think About It :iconemiliebomb:EmilieBomb 36 20
Here's just a few of the things I like. It's just the tip of the iceberg though. I'd also like to say thanks to the artists who made these and shared them online so I could see them, you're all really wonderful.
     I was walking to the store this morning to get some sodas this morning when a policeman pulled around the corner and called me over to his car. I was halfway across Main Street in the cross walk so that was kind of unusual. I went over wondering if I had broken a law.
     He asked "You going to the store?" 
     I said "Yes Sir."
     Then he hands me an envelope and says "Take this with you, it's a 25$ gift card. Happy holidays!" and he drove off leaving me in the middle of the road with only seven seconds left to get across the street. 

     So, the police just gave me a Christmas present... and I have to admit, that was pretty darn cool. 
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I was born and raised in California now I'm living in new England. I really like arts and crafts because, with a little time and patience you can create something that makes people say "Wow, how did you do that?" it's almost like a magic trick, but it can be so much more. My teachers tried to tell me that art is nothing but hard work and dedication, my parents tried to tell me that art is just a bunch of paint and doodles, the emo kids told me that art is suffering... But I'm like Bob Ross in a way. Art is whatever you want it to be. I like to have fun with my work.
I'm a little bit geeky, a little strange, a tad emo, and I have a little redneck in me too. I can be a bit of a weirdo, but that's better than being boring. Once in a while my sense of humor takes a turn to the Dark Side. I am a rebel at heart. I can fit in many places but theres no true social group for an oddball like me. I don't command respect but I refuse to be disrespected.

Grace Jediheart's Laws for Art Requests.

1) Your first two requests will be for free, but you'll have to pay if you want more than three.

2) Drawing for you is a burden to carry, so don't be surprised because results may vary.

3) Things I don't normally draw might be ok, but be patient they won't be finished in one day.

4) Asking for extra details is fine, but that'll require extra time.

5) Requests for porn will be ignored.

6) If too much gore shows the answer is no.

7) If anything that makes me cringe is expected, I'm sorry but your request will be rejected.

8) I don't mind if my work is shared, but give me credit to show you care.

9) If you make this artist too annoyed, your art request is null and void.
Other random facts about me:
I like building things, painting and drawing, telling stories and jokes, and goofing off. My favorite animal is the unicorn. I sell Avon products (if you want some cologne or face cream check out my site). I'm nuts about Star Wars. I can mimic fart sounds really well.


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