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Welcome to my gallery. Please, feel free to look around. I'm a varied artist and I like to do a little bit of everything, but it's mostly doodles, photos, costumes, and toys. My favorites are the unicorns and the drawings of my Star Wars OCs, the Phoenix Clan.

Random Favourites

Mako and her Silverblaze by pyrokitty Mako and her Silverblaze :iconpyrokitty:pyrokitty 6 25 Protect the Master by Kenu Protect the Master :iconkenu:Kenu 45 13 Ticked Off by DarthFar Ticked Off :icondarthfar:DarthFar 186 117 My Little Clonie by Invidlord My Little Clonie :iconinvidlord:Invidlord 88 26 Me as a Togruta by mad-smile Me as a Togruta :iconmad-smile:mad-smile 172 41 In The Trench by OtisFrampton In The Trench :iconotisframpton:OtisFrampton 286 34 Sketchadoodle- Fausticorn by Earthsong9405 Sketchadoodle- Fausticorn :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 858 144 Star Wars Sushi by OtisFrampton Star Wars Sushi :iconotisframpton:OtisFrampton 5,585 308 Anakin Vs Obi-wan by Spartan-055 Anakin Vs Obi-wan :iconspartan-055:Spartan-055 66 22 I Think Those Vultures Where Pretty Scared by dyb I Think Those Vultures Where Pretty Scared :icondyb:dyb 402 21 Those Cold Hands by Aettchen Those Cold Hands :iconaettchen:Aettchen 434 85 Mane 6 and The Annoying Orange by d-azulrgb Mane 6 and The Annoying Orange :icond-azulrgb:d-azulrgb 252 46 We're ready for Halloween, are you? by Lightsthroughshadow We're ready for Halloween, are you? :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 3 0 My Lego Monster by Lightsthroughshadow My Lego Monster :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 1 7 Rime Frost by Morosan2007 Rime Frost :iconmorosan2007:Morosan2007 17 10 North Pole background pony by Kaczyyy North Pole background pony :iconkaczyyy:Kaczyyy 33 2
Here's just a few of the things I like. It's just the tip of the iceberg though. I'd also like to say thanks to the artists who made these, you're all really wonderful.
lunageek520 stole this from HighOnEmotions and I stole it from him...

1. What is your name? And what is your opinion of it?
My first name is Grace. Well, it's better than being called something crazy like Aquanetta, Betty-Ann-sue, or Mango. Still, there are some times I don't feel too graceful.

2. What are some names you would give your children? (even if you don't want any)
Kendra for a girl, Anthony for a boy.

3. What's the best feeling in the world? And what's the worst?
I don't know about the best feeling in the world but some of my favorites are going to bed after a long day, impressing someone with your artwork, a cold drink on a hot day, excitement of watching the seasons change, and hearing a familiar and nostalgic song on the radio. The worst feelings include waking up and knowing there's a lot of work to do, being criticized by idiots, feeling lonely while surrounded with the wrong crowd, tension headaches, toothaches, and waiting to serve jury duty. 

4. Best and worst food? 
The best food is pizza and Diet Coke, the worst is green beans. 

5. Do you like animals?.
Yes, all animals are awesome, even creepy crawly ones and dangerous ones. 

6. Are you a Marysue / Garystu?
I don't think so. I'm too messed up. The only thing I'm good at is art, and I'm still not That good at it. I barely know how to function in this world. 

7. Are you a thrill-seeker/adventurer, or do you prefer the safe and familiar?
I prefer safe, but i'll get out of my comfort zone if necesary

8. Most embarrassing situation you can imagine? 
Well... messing my pants in public is a bad one because not only is it humiliating, but people will remember it forever. Food poisoning is not fun.

9. What compliment would make you the happiest?
"You're hilarious!" I like making people laugh, and being called funny in a good way would be more sincere than being good-looking.

10. What supposed compliment would you take the most offense at? 
"Sexy" maybe its weird but being called sexy makes me cringe because...
a) I do everything I can to dress modestly,
b) everyone who has ever called me sexy was either a pervert or a moocher.

12. Are you a realist, optimist, pessimist, idealist, cynic or opportunist?
I'm a little bit of everything in right amounts. I know if someone's been drinking out of my glass.

13. What's your MBTI?
Never took that test, if I did I don't remember.

14. What is your zodiac (and do you identify with it)?
I'm a Leo. While I do enjoy attention I don't thrive on it and I'm not that selfish and narcissistic... am I???

15. What is your fashion sense or preferred style?
A little geeky, a little redneck. I like denim, regular t-shirts, long sleeves in winter, costumes, capes, good strong shoes for hiking around. 

16: What's your favourite quote?
I like a lot of them but I'll go with this one...

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -- Maya Angelou

17. What's the worst injury you've taken?
I broke a tooth on an olive pit...

18: One random fact about you.
I cut my own bangs. 
  • Listening to: My own heartbeat
  • Eating: Ice cream and birthday cake.
  • Drinking: Water and diet coke.


GraceJediHeart's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I was born and raised in California now I'm living in new England. I really like arts and crafts because, with a little time and patience you can create something that makes people say "Wow, how did you do that?" it's almost like a magic trick, but it can be so much more. My teachers tried to tell me that art is nothing but hard work and dedication, my parents tried to tell me that art is just a bunch of paint and doodles, the emo kids told me that art is suffering... But I'm like Bob Ross in a way. Art is whatever you want it to be. I like to have fun with my work.
I'm a little bit geeky, a little strange, a tad emo, and I have a little redneck in me too. I can be a bit of a weirdo, but that's better than being boring. Once in a while my sense of humor takes a turn to the Dark Side. I am a rebel at heart. I can fit in many places but theres no true social group for an oddball like me. I don't command respect but I refuse to be disrespected.

Grace Jediheart's Laws for Art Requests.

1) Your first two requests will be for free, but you'll have to pay if you want more than three.

2) Drawing for you is a burden to carry, so don't be surprised because results may vary.

3) Things I don't normally draw might be ok, but be patient they won't be finished in one day.

4) Asking for extra details is fine, but that'll require extra time.

5) Requests for porn will be ignored.

6) If too much gore shows the answer is no.

7) If anything that makes me cringe is expected, I'm sorry but your request will be rejected.

8) I don't mind if my work is shared, but give me credit to show you care.

9) If you make this artist too annoyed, your art request is null and void.
Other random facts about me:
I like building things, painting and drawing, telling stories and jokes, and goofing off. My favorite animal is the unicorn. I sell Avon products (if you want some cologne or face cream check out my site). I'm nuts about Star Wars. I can mimic fart sounds really well.


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