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Finding solace
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Published: January 7, 2016
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EDIT | FEBRUARY 03, 2016 | made a couple tweaks and lighting changes! thanks to everyone who left a critique; i'll respond to the critiques i haven't responded to soon.

Title | Finding solace
Dream | "One day, I will come to terms with the skeletons in my closet."
A Day Artbook Contest Third Place Mention ] 

What I originally wanted to say was something along the lines of "One day, I will come to terms with the skeletons in my closet, and be at peace with everything I currently regret." 

There are so, so many actions and words that I've regret saying or doing throughout the years that continue to come back to haunt me with a poorly timed memory flashback, and while "coming to terms with the skeletons in my closet" could theoretically imply that I wouldn't consider what I regret a shameful secret and in essence would completely destroy the skeletons, I'd like to think that there's a fine line between accepting the secrets for what they are, but keeping the skeletons, and being free of or forgetting the secrets entirely.

"1/6 is 1.6% of the way through '16" - post aesthetics aside, perhaps i should have drawn a closet for a more literal approach, but i went for a hydrangea hedge because if i'm not mistaken, they do symbolise enlightenment - and for me, that's part of what acceptance and coming to terms are about. in addition, there was also one other concept that i wanted to try for this contest, but i simply don't have enough time to finish it in time for the deadline with the quality that it deserves; perhaps i'll finish it later this year. 

alternate names for this piece (tfw when you had to resort to using memes to name your art): good bones and calcium mr skeltal | my hand wishes for me to shoot it dead: an anthology | rayne isn't a necrophiliac i say as he gently caresses mr skeltal | subnae that's not how you draw skeletal appendages | mr skeletal came out of the closet | doot doot | rayen

Rayne Vellis + Non respexerunt © gracefulsunshine

tumblr crosspost will be available shortly. | progress shots will be uploaded soon.
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I love the background very much, I mean the space around your character. In my opinion, connecting main characters with space around them, in an art, is very important, but difficult. It can make me feel the mood of your art, as I feel, little of sorrow combines with peace and acceptance. And I think this art is very amazing, althought there is one thing I dont like much, the sky of this art make me confuse and I cant get is it at night or daytime? Is it in a storm? O-O
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ahhh thank you! i find that i tend to have a recurring theme with a lot of my polished pieces - calm sorrow but with acceptance, and it's nice to see that people are picking up on it :") in regards to the sky, i suppose it isn't as polished as i'd like, but the main focus was on the hydrangea hedges that casted a shadow on the main subject, which probably would explain your confusion. i'd probably put the time frame for the piece at around afternoon? there's no storm, but i probably could have made the sky lighter, hm. thanks for the feedback!
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different textures overlaying with different colors to make an overall appearance is quite intriguing... i like it Enju Sway Icon 
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aha thank you for the kind words! :") the bushes are very welcoming and comforting, do venture in :iconsryyea: i was a bit afraid that the different brushes i use for different aspects would be a bit unsettling but i'm glad you like it!
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FrostFeather42Hobbyist General Artist
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NorskiHobbyist Digital Artist
An effective image, I think.
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:iconsweatsnervously2plz: aha thank you i think?
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NorskiHobbyist Digital Artist
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OnlyOneFoxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, it's great! :D
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Anime-Music-DragonsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love the shading and the way you've done the flowers and sky+fav 
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ahhh thank you so much! it was my first time trying to draw hydrangeas and i also wanted to not focus on the sky so much in this composition so im glad you like it c:
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Anime-Music-DragonsHobbyist Traditional Artist
No problemLlama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
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WesternDragoonStudent General ArtistFeatured
As someone who's finally getting attention for a case of clinical depression, it's nice to see this right now in particular. I'm having more focused goals of working towards becoming a speed-runner, my debts are about to be paid off, and I can finally get some actual therapy. Soon I might be able to get rid of some of the horrible memories of thoughts and actions I had while I was in military training. More so though, as one who values the past greatly, I think I might actually prefer just being able to come to terms with it rather than forgetting it.

I digress though enough philosophical talk. The picture looks good. That's about the extent of my artistic critique. :icondragonlaughplz:
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extremely late, but i'm so glad to hear that seeing my art was able to help! :iconsopsplz: i'm also glad to hear a bit about your story and that you're finally getting your depression checked and you seem to be moving towards a better spot in life than you were previously were ;; best of luck with coming to terms with everything - i'm sure you'll be able to get through everything, given enough time.
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Describes the painting need this man to rest from the surrounding noise

Or that he is hiding a big problem

Harmonious colors and precision Good

Beautiful Coordination

Intermingling chromatography look Kmilp
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thank you! please read the description if you'd like to know what's going on in the artwork u w u
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I got the point

thanks for remind me to read

this is kind of you

thanks and good luck :wave:
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RoscelaHobbyist General Artist
:rose: oh is finished, well msot of it, YAAAAY ,rayne is so pretty >o< :heart: I hope to keep seeing him more 'cuz at times he gets lost, that's interesting concepts ,I didn't know them awesome ,another well done job!, better say , amazing
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i'm contemplating just leaving it like this because i have no motivation to work on it anymore (rip) hahah but thanks kohai! you'll hopefully see more of rayne in the future b/c i like drawing rayne :")
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lydia-sanHobbyist Digital Artist
owo I'm speechles...
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:iconsweatsnervously2plz: but then you're not speechless by saying that you're speechless :iconhithitplz:
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lydia-sanHobbyist Digital Artist
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *runs away*
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