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Pose Reference Sheet 2

More action poses. :la: Feel free to use this reference for your drawing, painting or learning purposes.

Enjoy~ :D
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These poses will prove to be very useful. :D

Also thanks for the llama.

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thank you very much, will there be more such materials?

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I have only made 4 pose reference sheets. I am not sure if I will make more in the future. I've focused on my other project. :)

Your poses are so dynamic and well proportionned. And I love the variety!!

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dat handgun pose... it reminds me of your first artwork of Kylie
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Yep! That pose was based on my Kylie reference sheet. 
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I think I'll do some of them some day. 

Some random guy: "That's what she said!"
'50's laugh track'

No. I meant drawing them. I have a sketchbook, with graphite pencils. I want to draw each one of them.
Some random guy: "That's what she said!"
'Fuller House laugh track'

Oh forget it. I can make art. Although I am a bit rusty.
Some random guy: "That's wha(gunshot, gunshot, gunshot).
TheLucky38: "She said!"
'Everyone who reads what I randomly made laughs like real people. Despite it not having little to nothing to do with the art itself.'

I'm not lying about the sketch book and pencils though. The downside, I don't have a lot of time to do them. Probably on the weekend, but about what exactly. Hm... Ah well. I'll figure it out later. It comes sooner than never. Right? Right?!
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I am sharing these pose reference sheets for anyone who wants to use. You don't have to force yourself to do some sketches. ^^; 
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I know. I was just joking around. :P
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WOW!! Your poses are so dynamic! Definitely watching you so I can get a better understanding of how to pose my characters ^w^
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Thanks so much. I will upload Pose Reference Sheet 3 today (if I am not busy) or tomorrow. :D
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wow that really awsome pose you got there!
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Thanks! Glad you like it. :D
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These are really cool :wow: and a great, useful idea.
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You're welcome. :D
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I've always wondered how people come up with such cool dynamic poses! Do you heavily reference poses or are you just inspired by some of the poses you see and make your versions of them? They're very wonderful, love your art c:
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