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Pern: Dragon Portrait (F2U Coloring Template)

By Grace-Dupre
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Another FREE coloring base!
And a redraw of a dragon face I'd quite liked, three years ago:  L'kai and Suteth by Grace-Dupre

I currently play at Final Chance Weyr and lurk lovingly at a couple others, but this can be used for the Weyr of your choice, should they be okay with it! Some Photoshop/PSD knowledge required, let me know if you have any questions or need any help!  

I'd like to see what you do with my templates - if you end up posting them or using them on forums, link them here! (It's not strictly necessary - it's just for fun!) 

Dragonkin somehow ended up with Trollhunters noses in my mind a couple years ago and the thought doesn't appear to have left, since. 

I'll log any changes or updates to the file, here! 

OTHER CURRENT PERN TEMPLATES:  Pern: Watch-Wher (F2U Coloring Template) by Grace-Dupre   Pern: Bellies-up! (F2U Coloring Base) by Grace-Dupre


Baby Nifth by Grace-Dupre  Viverlie and Viverlisk  by Grace-Dupre 

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Canyon River Weyr Cast - Headshot Template

AAAND my Canyon River cast + deviation. Three blues, two bronzes, one brown, one green, one site-exclusive hematite, and one white! :aww:

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Kicking it off because I cheated a little by throwing a mutation in! This is a geode from Final Chance Weyr - angry hermaphroditic double-ridged mutations, exclusive to that game!

This is Bapototh and they will be a glorious jerk.

If you all feel like sharing, post your dragons up here, too! I'll likely keep going with my old Canyon River children, as well.