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CRW: On Dragonwings

By Grace-Dupre
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So many of you know that I roleplay. A lot. I rarely ever play in fandom settings for a good many reasons, but when I do, I'm in for the long haul. Such is the case with the Dragonriders of Pern.

This is part of my new "Grace Finishes All Her Half-Done Files" pile, of which I've been periodically poking - I did half these dragons several months ago, and the rest today. Perhaps I might still poke at the order of them all. Perhaps I might not.

(From the top: Suteth, Tsaalth, Deslth, Lith, Zeevith, Wohrth)

Paper stock texture by :iconbab-jane:

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These are great!  I think I like Suteth and Tsaalth the best, based on looks.  (I know nothing of their personalities.)
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I've this book too!! I think you should write in the desc that you used it as a reference thought ^^
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For some reason reminds me of the Book of Dragons from How to Train Your Dragon.
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I WISH Pern left me with as much room for creative variety as HTTYD! :P I'll take it though, haha!
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Always wanted to RP Pern... 

Really nice looking lot of dragons.
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There's still a few weyrs up and active, about, and they've all seemed rather chill - depending on what you're looking for! ;) (These fellas+lady are all in a semi-canon Eighth Pass one, and Wohrth up there just fathered a little clutch of eggs on the sands!)

Also, thanks! :D
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I love this. Do you know of any good active forum based DRoP rps?
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So far, the one I've had the most luck with was Canyon River Weyr:…?
(These guys all hang out there! Though it is semi-canon - there are a couple mutation colors about! Also there's a clutch currently on the sands if you're thinking along those lines. :)

I know of an old vet from CRW's infancy that has now started drawing for :iconunderthewingsrp: which I've signed up for, but have yet to actually kick anything into gear. That one appears WAY beyond canon - it's post AIVAS in the timeline and the dragon DNA's destabilizing. But in a fun-looking way! 

There's a lot of cross-pollination and cross-advertising on everyone's boards from there, but I can definitely vouch for CRW - been there a couple of years, now! :D

Also thanks, by the way! 
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Looking for something on IRC, Skype or possibly telegram. Not a fan of forum / message board based RPs.  Have tried looking into a few of the MUD like ones (PernMUSH / HarpersTaleMOO / Ect).

One-day, I should get back into reading the series. Kinda lost touch the series.
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This is wonderful!
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Thank you, muchly!
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Heh, cool dragon designs! ;)
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Cool dragon variety!
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