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uniq8 vs beta1 for windows 8

Hello pips! Here's my 2nd visualstyle release.
Still in beta though. I hope you like it.
No donation required.
But if you like, my paypal account is
Feel free to use it, just please don't reupload it.

Useful software that i'm using;
7taskbartweaker [link]
RibbonDisabler [link]
TinyWinBorder [link]
TransparentMenu [link]
StartIsBack [link] (mine is almost expired) i want to buy but i have no money
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What software did you use to make it?

actually I really like this - but as I type a comment here it's not in black readable text, it's in the super light grey like the "libraries" word in your screen shot above. so that colour grey in a white box makes typing illegible.

this also occurs in the "google" search box on the google home page and many others.
I'm using the current firefox... but it also occurs in IE...
A web page that specifies the font colour within an entry box through css is unaffected, it's almost like your overrides are being grabbed as the "default" font colour for apps, rather than allowing the apps to specify. It also strangely impacts the settings windows in DisplayFusion.

Is there anyway to fix this?
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Nice, I can't keep UP
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Nearly perfect.
Nearly. If you work a little on color accents (if it's even possible).

Here's a post for other guy i wrote some time ago, he didn't responded btw.


I start with a little bit of history. For years i was looking for a good windows theme for working.
I'm a 3d cg guy, and a programmer. The most look like theme i found was back in the days of win Xp ,
you can look at it at [link] (don't wary it's not a maleware).
Also you can get the idea looking on professional software design like Houdini dark interface - [link]
And maya dark qt interface - [link]
and 3ds max dark interface -

also -

smoke -

nuke -

ae cs6-


ps cs6 -

The main idea behind all those interfaces are that not just your eyes will not bleed, but also that it will not distract you,
because 50% of the time you're thinking, you must be inside your head to see things, like actions, scenes, code patterns, and so on.

If you implement such theme for windows 8 and name it something like "Pro Heaven", i bet many many of tech geeks,
who code, and do some heavy work will be 100% thankful to you, and in my eyes you'll be a messiah.

With respect, Alexander Antonov.


And also, i would pay for sure, if you are able to do something as high quality as those guys do.
Those guys i mean prosoft designers, not faggy hipster transparent eyebleed makers.
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I dunno if this can help you, but instead of purchasing StartIsBack, you can install Classic Shell. Is free, gives you back a Start menu and you can customize it completely.

Dunno, just a suggestion.
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cool. thank you. I like Classicshell but i like most the startisback because i can theme it on wsb.
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I dont know if this help somehow, but Classicshell can be skinned too. I dont know how to make skins, tho, but the website has a tutorial.
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how do you do that above your taskbar the running icons . . .
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that is only preview of "small taskbar" and "big taskbar"
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oh .. my bad . cool VS though !!
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This looks awesome! I can't wait to see the final product.
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Thank you so much mate! Happy holidays!
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Are you using Ave's Style builder to make this?
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Can you do a version with white window backgrounds?
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yes. but need to make fonts black. is that alright?
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Thats fine. Thanks!
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ok i'll make your request now
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version with white background?
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