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Something quick I whipped up a while ago.

EDIT: I foolishly forgot to add my name to this, and with all the internet fame it's getting, I really regret not putting it on! So I've uploaded the new version with my name at the top. If you've saved this image from before, please replace it with this and let's try to bring this into the loop, thanks.
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And people wounder why I'm obsessed with finding a girlfriend?
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Very nice I must say! I also know that there is a flash on this too. Maybe it's you who made it? for in that case it's a song there that I would like to know what it is called :)?
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Whats the flash link?
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Ah, nah I didn't make anything about these comics other than the comics themselves. All flash version were done by strangers, heh, so I have no idea what song plays.
you're the best man I saw this on /b/
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I find it so interesting that the addition/ omission of the thought bubble changes the meaning of this comic so profoundly. In this version it implies that none of this ever happened, and the polish version seems like he's remembering real events. Can't say which I like better, but congratulations on the beautiful finish and DD, a really powerful comic both ways!
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it's very sad...
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How about "Relevant" because it's relevant to everyone's life :|
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Where did I saw this?

Oh yeah, that's me! (looser... --' )

Anyway great one! :+fav: :D
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I love your work, simple style yet so poignant. You do realize that you're uber famous on 4chan right?
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Thanks ;D and lul, yeah, I see it posted around quite a bit. Makes me feel special.
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Haha, thanks for the laugh
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I'm glad my pain amuses you.

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:clap:Best. Reply. Ever.
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I see what you did there. Wet as in tears. I geddit.
But that would be major spoilers.
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:lmao: Priceless ending :XD:
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I need to think of a title for it, any ideas?
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