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January 4, 2010
Featherlike by ~GR3G0R
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Finished it. Finally finished it. My Featherlike.

Many months ago, I drew an ms-paint relationship image for 4chan. I submitted it. It got really popular (even frontpage on reddit). And then I was kicking myself so hard for not adding my name to it. Because now people will look at this and be like "OH DAT GUY TOTALLY RIPPED OFF THAT ONLINE COMIC" and they won't realise that it's the same artist :(

Here's the original sketch comic I drew, it's in my scraps:

Anyway, enjoy.
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Oh man, I remember coming across this YEARS ago! I think the image was linked somewhere on the XKCD forum. It stuck in the back of my mind all this time, and I've tried many times before to find it again, but never could. Until tonight.
It still makes me choke up hard now, just as it did the first time I saw it.

A beautiful beautiful piece, so deep, so evocative.
Dude, this is deep. That's pretty much me, every night when i go to sleep. It fucking sucks sometimes, being a geek.

This is the second post on this site that i've ever favorited, and the first one I commented on. And probably the last, for a long time.

Awesome job man, seriously.
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Yeah, that's sort of like how things have been for me recently...
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Is there.. something written in the sun flames?
i know this is quite an old post but it seems like i'm the only one who noticed the hidden I've been thinking too much about you, and this has definately made me think about my recent brake up, and it has showed me that tonight is the last night i dwell on it, thank you
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Aaaah this one hit home for me. Oh well. Very nicely done!
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True with me T.T just a dream :(
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This made me cry because it's so much like what I do every night.
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I read Loading Artist and I just discovered you have dA! Found this comic posted to 9gag. Don't worry, your name hasn't been removed. [link]
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so sad....i hate it when this happens to me...well drawn btw.. ^^
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I love that sad love story, thank you for creating
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True... this is sadly :(
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Just wonderful. It brings back some long forgotten memories of high school. *Thumbs up*
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Damn pretty much sums me up. Now I'm sad.
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Sad, tears, wonderful. I really like it. ^_^
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Oh my goodness... so funny but sad!! I don't know wether to laugh or go "aww"... XD
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Funny in a sick way. Describes how most relationships go though.
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